It was a big weekend for our nation.

I can’t let this historical weekend go without writing down / sharing a few thoughts.

First, I watched the inauguration speech given by Trump and I was unimpressed and uninspired. I will never root against him because I want him to make some radical changes in our country and I want to move forward as a nation and I want politics (and both parties) to change. But I’m not convinced his presidency will be anything but divisive, which I see as a huge step back for us all. I hope and pray that he proves me wrong.

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Second, I didn’t march yesterday, but I am so grateful that many people (millions!) did. My best friends were out there in many different cities – thank you! Thank you for representing me and my daughters and all of the women I know. I’m not sure why so many people were and are against the march and what it stands for. Can’t we all agree that marching for human rights is a good thing? That women’s rights are necessary and should be protected? That, as a country, we should demand better of our president than the things he has done and said in the past?

This article said it better than I can.

We are paying attention, Washington. I think the march proved that point.

Even if you didn’t march and don’t understand the march and what it stood for and the people who participated – let’s all move forward in love and optimism and hope and appreciation that we live in a country in which we can speak our minds and gather together so our voices can be expressed collectively. We should all feel better that we are among citizens who stand up for oppression and inequality, in any form.

The world is not changed by those who sit at home and write comments on the internet, the world is changed by people who get out there. Donate money. Volunteer at a local organization. Love your family and friends. Take care of yourself. Protect the Earth we all call home.

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12 Responses to It was a big weekend for our nation.

  1. I, too, didn’t march. I wish I had, but I was uneducated on the ones going on more locally. In hindsight, I should’ve grabbed my sister-in-law and headed to Pittsburgh. I’m also so, so grateful to the women who DID march. It’s how we got our right to vote and it’s how we’ll get all the other ones we’re owed!

    • Lisa says:

      Exactly, I wish I would have had the local march more on my radar, but I also had a prior commitment so it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m keeping myself educated on issues going forward, though! I think staying informed is a form of activism, too.

  2. Neely says:

    I really wanted to march but at 37 weeks pregnant it did not seem like a great idea. I totally agree with you. He wasn’t my choice but I want him to succeed so we all can succeed. I just have a hard time imagining it happening.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m having a harder and harder time with it as each day passes and more nonsense gets spewed/signed/tweeted… It’s actually turning out worse than I thought.

  3. “The world is not changed by those who sit at home and write comments on the internet, the world is changed by people who get out there.” GIRL YES

  4. I was on vacation this past weekend so I wasn’t able to march either, but seeing all the photos and posts on social media from my friends who were marching was SO inspirational and made me so proud to know the people I know.

  5. Trisha says:

    “Can’t we all agree that marching for human rights is a good thing?” Yes! Exactly! And the hatred spewing from the people whom have called themselves lovers and followers of God is so disheartening. Berating people for standing up for what they believe in? Criticizing them for wanting equality? I just don’t get it.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, yes, yes. We all need to figure out how to come together and agree on the most basic principles. Equal rights for all is a BASIC principle.

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  7. says:

    Politics are wandered things in the recent world. On the other hand, Human rights are absolute things because of all nations rights are equal in the modernity world. Thanks for important information.

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