Our last snowshoeing adventure of the year. And maybe ever.

Remember when I went snowshoeing with my family and it went horribly (on Christmas, no less) and I vowed never to go on another adventure again with them – ever?

Another Snowshoeing Adventure

Well, I must have some sort of amnesia because we attempted snowshoeing with kids again, a little over two short months later.

‘Uncle Bert’ and ‘Aunt Jodie’ (my BIL and his girlfriend) were in town and we wanted to show them the mountains, so off to Snoqualmie Pass we went (like the optimistic fool I evidently am)!

Another Snowshoeing Adventure

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but it was more of the same. Clara decided she wanted nothing to do with the snow and needed to be carried the entire time (even though we brought her a pair of children’s snowshoes), then she whined for hours because she was too cold,needed snacks, wanted to go home, wanted to find our car, etc. Meanwhile, Isabelle overheated and started screaming and then REALLY overheated and screamed for about an hour.

All of this chaos started about halfway through our adventure – so when we were the furthest from the car we could possibly be.


Another Snowshoeing Adventure

This picture pretty much sums up life as a family of four.:Trying to convince Clara to wear gloves while Tim gets her the snack she’s been whining about while Isabelle is along for the ride seemingly saying “WHY ME?!”

At least this time I could laugh about it and I didn’t cancel Christmas and vow to never celebrate a holiday with my family again. Therefore, because my bar is really that low, I’m considering it a win.

And really, it was a beautiful adventure and my legs were sore afterwards so I guess it was also decent exercise (for my un-muscled out of shape body)! I’m happy we were able to spend one more day in the snow and that we were able to show Robbie and Jodie a little slice of the PNW outside of the city of Seattle.

And seriously, it was a gorgeous day. The snow was falling slowly and the flakes were huge and it wasn’t windy at all and (contrary to Clara’s complaining) it wasn’t very cold.

Another Snowshoeing Adventure

If only it was as peaceful as the pictures suggest…

Seriously. No more snowshoeing. This year, at least.

The Benroeck girls are ready for warm weather and sunshine please and thank you.

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8 Responses to Our last snowshoeing adventure of the year. And maybe ever.

  1. Hahahahaha- your recaps of these family outings are the best. I’m glad you were able to laugh it off this time. I still think snowshoeing sounds so awesome!

  2. Heather says:

    I think you’ve got the right approach setting the bar really low. This reminds me of a similar experience I had once in the summer when my girls were similar ages to yours – they were both overheating and screaming their heads off and I accidentally locked our car keys in the trunk…haha oops. The photos you took are absolutely beautiful though!!!

    • Lisa says:

      OH GEESH. At least once we got to the car we could get home – I would have been pissed if we had locked our keys in there! I think parenting is all about setting the bar low… I’m still working on that!

  3. erinhzauner says:

    oh man. you have to laugh about those times. you know how you would never go grocery shopping with both girls? that’s how I feel about going hiking/snowshoeing with both kids…bahaha.

  4. Oh gosh…I don’t blame your girls for hating the snow. I’m not much of a snow fan either but your photos are lovely. Bring on the PNW sunshine!!!

    • Lisa says:

      I mean, I’m not asking them to LIVE in it, I just want it to be a novelty for a few hours! Thank goodness we don’t live in Chicago anymore because we’d be stuck inside FOREVER! And yes, bring on the sunshine and warmer weather!

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