Things I’m excited about: A spring style challenge!

Last week was quite the week (in the busiest and productive of ways!). I’ll write about it tomorrow or maybe the next day or… well, hopefully I get around to it at all. You know how it goes.

PMT Spring Style Challenge

Before I forget, I really want to tell you about the challenge I’m doing starting in April. Do you remember the style challenge I did in the winter? I mentioned it a few times. Anyway, it was such a hit that Audrey (of Putting Me Together) is creating another one for the spring, and I am THRILLED because I honestly didn’t know how I was going to get dressed by myself again. I may have been tempted to wear the same winter outfits over and over again no matter what the season was/is and people would have wondered why I was wearing puffy vests in July.

Suffice it to say that Audrey has saved me from 365 days of winter-wear with this challenge. 

Putting Me Together Spring Style Challenge

If you haven’t heard of Audrey or her spring style challenge yet, go here to read the details, but I’d like to encourage you to check it out especially if…

  • You have a closet of too much stuff. I had to buy a few things for the winter challenge but they’re staples that I now wear all of the time, even after the challenge. And, I actually ended up getting rid of more things than I brought in, since after the challenge I was able to quickly see which items in my closet weren’t serving a purpose and weren’t great for mixing and matching.
  • You hate picking out what to wear. I have a lot of things happening in my mornings (I am not one of those moms who wakes up before her kids, so my morning always starts with me running around, serving the needs of mini-crazy people) and picking out an outfit is not something I want to deal with. When left to my own devices I generally throw on a t-shirt and leggings. Yikes. However, with this challenge I was able to look at the email each morning (or night before) telling me what I would wear the next day. I followed the directions exactly and was always super pleased with how I looked. I loved having one less decision to make!
  • You’ve always wanted to have a capsule wardrobe but can never seem to figure it out. This goes along with the first bullet point, but essentially this challenge will help you put together a capsule wardrobe that will last an entire season! I haven’t achieved true ‘capsule wardrobe’ status, but am closer than I was before!
  • You need a shopping list of what to buy for the season. I tend to just buy whatever the  heck looks good at the time without even considering what I already own and what I could wear the piece of clothing (or accessory) with. Needless to say, this has cost me a lot of money. With the challenge’s shopping list, however, I stick to what I ‘need’ and then I’m done shopping for the season. I estimate that this has saved me hundreds of dollars.

OK that about sums it up. As a SAHM who doesn’t put enough effort into how she looks anymore (so sad, right?!) I can’t recommend this enough. I think if I was still working in a casual corporate environment I’d love this as well. I just need a little kickstart to put more energy and effort and thought into what I look like each day, and this definitely helps to organize and motivate me! Plus, the private Facebook group is amazing and supportive and is really fun to participate in. Audrey has some amazing readers!

Definitely check it out (sign up here) and let me know if you’re going to participate! You still have about a week to get your closet ready for the first day of the challenge.

*Sidenote: Audrey is a friend of mine but she doesn’t know I’m writing this post and definitely isn’t compensating me to promote her! I just truly love this challenge and think many readers of this blog could have fun with it, too. Plus, Audrey is (really, really) awesome and if nothing else, you should be reading her blog.

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