Last week I said ‘yes’ to all of the things.

I realize that I don’t write very often about what I actually spend my time doing day in and day out. Once upon a time bloggers wrote a lot of recaps, but I think those are all but disappearing in favor of more Pinterest-worthy posts. So, readers of this blog probably don’t know what I spend my time doing when I’m not roaming the internet.

I’m about to remedy that situation.

Here’s a completely out of order and scattered recap of last week.

Painting and wine at Canvas! in Fremont

Evidently wine turns me into an artist! Also, next time I go out with Ashley I’m wearing 8 inch heels.

Last week…

+ I went to boxing class a few times.

+ I babysat two other kiddos one afternoon. It turns out watching four kids under four years old is chaos and I can’t handle it for longer than a few hours. I think I need to build up my stamina.

+ Clara and I went to a playdate with MOPS friends.

+ I took Clara to her gym class.

+ I rocked babies to sleep and read books over and over and made lunches and snacks and breakfasts and dinners and even remembered to feed myself occasionally.

+ We had one day with back-to-back playdates…. all before naptime! It was wonderful and I absolutely love connecting to and catching up with other moms.

+ I talked to a best friend on the phone.

+ I watched March Madness. A lot of March Madness.

+ I went to a painting and wine night at Canvas! in Fremont. I don’t even have one artistic bone in my body but give me wine and I’ll happily paint the night away.

+ I finally finished this book (highly recommended!).

+ Tim was sick one day so I was on ‘mom duty’ allllll morning/day/night.

+ Tim also had a busy week at work so he left before 7am each day and came back at dinner time.  I know that’s some people’s normal schedule, but it was a few very long days for me.

My little loves.

Grainy but ADORABLE. Not that I’m completely biased. Also, right after this pic was taken Clara full on tackled Isabelle. Sisters.

+ I bought three pairs of shoes from ThredUp. I haven’t bought shoes in forever so I’m very excited! They’re all for the spring style challenge I mentioned yesterday.

+ I volunteered at a tax site for five hours (preparing taxes for low income clients).

+ Tim and I went to a marriage conference night at a church. (It’s a 10 week ‘course’ and I’m really getting a lot out of it!)

+ I made a lot of lattes, cleaned the floor countless times, did some errands and shopping and tidying, cooked meals and baked cookies, dropped off/picked up Clara from preschool, and MOST IMPORTANTLY kept everyone alive.

And if you know me, you know that I love being busy. Like, I had the best week! But at the end of the day I was pretty worn out. So this week I’m been doing it a bit differently. The girls and I don’t have many plans (quite the opposite of last week!) so I’m staying in. Once the girls go to bed I’m reading and writing and journaling and relaxing with my feet up. Last night I skipped volunteering and tonight I skipped working out at the boxing gym. It’s not that those things aren’t important to me – they are! – but I’m trying to pay attention to how I’m feeling and what my body and mind want to do, and they want to rest! 

This week is about watching reality TV and listening to podcasts and running around less so I can breathe a bit more. It’s about balance.

(But not necessarily right at this moment because of course I just sat down for 10 minutes to publish this post and Isabelle woke up an hour early from her nap. What the heck, kid?! Mom’s supposed to be resting! If I write a blog post about it, it must be fact!)

Is your week busy or have you been able to put your feet up?

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