Currently | June 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! Tim wanted a nice, normal weekend with some sleep, so yesterday I took the girls to church and let him sleep in a bit. I felt like supermom getting both girls ready and out the door and to church on time! Usually if I go to church without Tim I only take one girls, and having two with me was a bit of a challenge.

As I was getting both girls out of their carseats I was a bit frazzled. We were running 5 minutes behind, per usual, and I was parked on the street where another car was waiting for me to finish closing the doors so they could drive by. I had Isabelle on my hip and was hurriedly lifting Clara out of her seat when the waiting car rolled their windows down and yelled “Take your time! We aren’t in a rush!” and then as I finished closing the car doors and waved in a thank you for waiting gesture, the two young men yelled, “You’re doing great! Your girls are adorable!”

Isn’t that sweet? It was a nice reminder to me that my efforts are being noticed, I am seen, and that we  need to be kind to one another – always.

Currently | June 2017

Currently I’m…

// Working on: Getting my house decorated the way I want it. This is going to be a never-ending process, I swear! Because we’ve always rented, I’ve never spent much time, energy, or money on getting furniture that fits a certain place. But, since it looks like we may be renting for a while, I want to focus on getting this house to look a way I’m satisfied with. Easier said than done, right?!. Why is this stuff so expensive?!

// Eating: Every morning I’ve been eating egg & cheddar breakfast sandwiches. It only takes a few minutes to make and it has a good amount of protein and carbs!

// Drinking: Will I ever get tired of drinking La Croix? Doubtful.

// Reading: It isn’t exactly light summer reading, but I’m currently reading White Trash.

// Wanting: More sleep. These girls o’ mine are trying to kill us. Isabelle was awake from 2-5am last night. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK? This is not a normal thing so I assume she’s teething or something but I’m just OVER IT. And Clara wakes up a time or two per night to try to sleep in our bed or go potty. The whole thing is just nonsense and might be a bit more tolerable if the kids weren’t staying up until 10pm. Sigh.

// Listening to: All of the podcasts. Please let me know any recommendations you have!

// Planning: We’re going camping this weekend! It will be our first time camping with kids and only my second time camping since our honeymoon (in Tanzania)!

// Loving: The fact that my girls are starting to play better together. But only for about 5 seconds before one of them grabs the other’s hair and all heck breaks loose. But the important thing is, they are playing independently for a bit of time and I have some space to breathe! I’m also loving Portland, where we spent time with friends a week or so ago!

// Feeling: Relieved that I’m not breastfeeding anymore! I really do think I have more energy now, although my hormones are a bit out of control.

// Watching: At this very second I have Real Housewives of Potomac on in the background. Both girls are napping at the same time – praise Jesus, Hallelujah! (Isabelle is now dropping her morning nap whether she wants to or not so I can get both girls to sleep during the afternoons.) However, I really want to start watching the new season of OITNB. Every time I try to start it, someone wakes up! I’m about 3 minutes into the first episode. Eye roll.

// Looking forward to: Camping this weekend and general summer adventuring!

Do you have any fun plans this week?!

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