Phew, I’m glad that’s over!

Tim left town for a few days this week, leaving me home alone with the girls for the first time since Isabelle was born. (I can’t believe we got 18 months in without him needing to travel for work!)

I was super, super anxious about him leaving. Our girls don’t usually sleep all the way through the night, and I was worried that I’d be operating on zero sleep for a few days. Plus, we’re in a very challenging time over here with our two toddlers, and as someone who thrives on interactions with others, I was worried that I’d feel really frustrated and isolated without him around.

Guys, he was only gone for three days and two nights and I barely hung on. 


But I’m grateful for two things:

  1. That I have a partner who is so involved in the girls’ care that when he’s gone it truly is much more challenging for me
  2. That I have a community who supports me & my family

Thankfully I had quite a few playdates planned and one friend even hosted us for dinner so I wouldn’t need to prep/clean-up the food. Another friend came over with Thai food to hang out for a few hours and provide some adult conversation after the girls went to sleep. Plus, we hired a babysitter for a few hours so I could workout and shower and get some time to myself at the end of the day.

And still. Even with all of this help, it was a really hard start to the week! We had some really fun moments, but it was exhausting to keep up with my two little ones who seemed to think their sole mission in life was to destroy everything in the house as quickly as possible. The energy over here is incredible and I wish they would share some of it with me!

I greatly respect moms (or dads!) who do the daily grind by themselves. Single moms/dads, military spouses, spouses whose partners work long hours… I am so thankful that my SAHM days are relatively short and that I get some relief when Tim walks through the door.

All of this to say that this week more than ever I was reminded that no one is meant to parent in isolation. We’re meant to rely on our partner, community, and family to get through the days/weeks/months/years. 

I’m reminded that it’s more than okay to recognize when things are hard and to ask for and accept help in those times. And then when things are easy, it’s equally as important to recognize when others may need help and to offer it with enthusiasm.

This weekend we’re enjoying some Halloween festivities, watching a few too many episodes of Parenthood, and in between everything else I’m relaxing and binge listening to “Dirty John”. Hopefully if I continue to take it easy(ish), I’ll store up some energy for the upcoming week!

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