Continuing to beautify (with Smile Brilliant) + GIVEAWAY!

My ‘resolution’ in 2017 was to beautify all of the things, myself included. I will say that I made progress in most areas of this. I worked on our (rental) house, I bought more clothes I truly loved, I dressed the girls in clothes I love… I did pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Although, I did wait until the last month on some of the things I wanted to do. I finally got around to learning how to use my curling wand in December (and am still working on my lack of skills) and I also finally got around to whitening my teeth – something I had been putting off for way too long!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Thankfully, Smile Brilliant contacted me to review their teeth whitening kit, otherwise I probably would have put the teeth whitening task off to 2018.

I must say, I was really impressed with their teeth whitening kit/process. At first I was intimidated, since I had to take an imprint of my teeth and send it in for them to make a mold of, but it was way easier and less messy than I anticipated. And the shipping and turnaround time was really, really fast – making it possible to get started right away. After trying out Smile Brilliant’s whitening kit, I realize that being able to put the teeth whitening gel in a mold that perfectly fit my teeth/mouth made the experience really comfortable and ensured that the gel actually made it on my teeth and didn’t slide around.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

I used the teeth whitening gel every day (or maybe every third day…) for a few weeks, and noticed impressive results after a few weeks. Of course, I would have gotten quicker results if I had done the teeth whitening daily, but they say not to drink wine or tea for 12 hours after using, and some nights I really needed wine, so I just didn’t whiten those nights.

Would it be easier to abstain entirely from tea/coffee/wine and keep my teeth pearly white? Yes. Is that going to happen? No.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

But that’s okay because I can keep the molds from Smile Brilliant and order more gel to keep my teeth looking white.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

To keep YOUR teeth looking extra-white, Smile Brilliant is offering a 15% discount on their teeth whitening kit. Use the code: thebenroecks15


Enter this giveaway and win a kit (valued at $149) for free!

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant, but all opinions are, of course, my own! 

Did you accomplish some of your 2017 resolutions?!


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4 Responses to Continuing to beautify (with Smile Brilliant) + GIVEAWAY!

  1. erinhzauner says:

    okay, ever since trying this when i did my post for them, i cannot sing their praises enough. i was super skeptical, and my expectations were way surpassed. my fave was that it actually has kept them white for a long time despite the continuous wine and coffee haha.

    • Lisa says:

      I saw your post, too! I was really happy with the results! (Although I would have probably had even better results if I had abstained from wine and tea and coffee, per their directions!)

  2. Been wanting to do this! Thanks for the info!

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