Weekend Favorites

Every once in a while I think “I’m going to come up with a consistent post idea and do it every week!” and then I last a few weeks and just cannot stick to it. But I always appreciate when other people share their current favorite things, so I’m going to try my hardest to write some of my favorite things every Friday. Easy enough, right? Time will tell.

Five Interesting Things:

  • Wait But Why has me really thinking about my darn instant gratification monkey (who is – evidently – the reason why I’m ALWAYS running a few minutes behind schedule, even though I hate the feeling of being late!)
  • The Rise Together podcast. I am binge listening to this one, which is weird because it isn’t a true crime podcast! I just love listening to Rachel and Dave Hollis and I think they make some great points about relationships.
  • I’m always and forever obsessed with the enneagram, and just came across this enneagram test. Normally I tell people not to even bother with online tests (just read the descriptions!) but this test had super accurate results for me. I’m a 7W8, in case you’re wondering!
  • This book that had me really curious about sororities in the south, and also had me generally entertained while reading it!
  • And this book kept me up way too late to finish it (Emily Giffin’s books are a guilty pleasure of mine).


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21 Responses to Weekend Favorites

  1. I’m so glad that you discovered Rise Together!! It’s my favorite!!!

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