Weekend Favorites (v7)

We returned home from our ‘babymoon’ (our last trip as a family o’ four) yesterday, and it was so good! I’m going to immediately write a blog post on our mini-getaway before I forget. The important thing is, we arrived home and I feel refreshed, instead of feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation – you know that feeling, right?

I’m ready to tackle the week ahead! I think! Famous last words. But before that…

Things I’m Into:

  • “Money has always been passed down in families, but today, across America, parents who can are helping their grown children at unprecedented levels. A recent study from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave reported that 79 percent of the parents surveyed are providing financial support to their adult children, at an average $7,000 a year—making for a combined $500 billion annually.” (here)
  • “But there is also a splintering of reality that’s happening on a much more granular level, among individuals. As the tools of online identity curation proliferate and grow more sophisticated, so do the avenues for deception. Everyone’s familiar with the little lies — a touch-up on Instagram or a stolen idea on Twitter. But what about the big ones? Whom could you defraud, trick, ruin, by presenting false information, or information falsely gained? An infinite number of individual claims to truth presents itself. How can you ever know, really know, that any piece of information you see on a screen is true? Some will find this disorienting, terrifying, paralyzing. Others will feel at home in it.” (here)
  • Janie and Jack is going out of business, so now is the time to take advantage of some great deals! I might pick up some swimsuits for the girls if I can decide on a favorite (or two)…
  • I’m going to be perusing these lists and adding a bunch of books to my library holds! Nothing makes me happier than some good book recommendations.
  • “So whether my time in motherhood is valued by others, or nobody sees it but God. Whether I live to 110 and get to revel in a legacy of Godly kids and grandkids and great grandkids, or I die tomorrow and never see the fruit of parenting. Whether I get to write everything down and pour into other younger mothers, or I get only to get to do the work inside this humble home. The glory is in following God in this, giving the best of me — laying down my life—for them, in the nitty-gritty one-on-one moments of motherhood.” (here)

What are you loving right now?!

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