Weekend Favorites (v10)

Last weekend on the blog I mentioned that Tim and Clara were both sick, but I’m happy to report that the flu did not end up taking our whole family down… at least not yet! Knock on all of the wood.

Once Tim got sick I sent him right to urgent care to get Tamiflu for himself and Isabelle (I had already gotten a prescription for myself from the doctor when Clara got the flu a few days earlier) so our whole family was taking this medicine for a week, and I really think it helped the sick family members recover quickly and the healthy ones to stay healthy! Phew. Tim was only sick for about 24-36 hours and I am so thankful because I am exhausted and thought he might be in bed for much longer.

Still, it was a long and tiring week as everyone recovered / attempted to stay healthy. We stayed on top of cleaning all of the things, which is no easy task with toddlers.

This weekend was filled with resting, pizza with friends, a trip to the beach, early morning church service (it’s a miracle all four of us made it to the 8am service!) brunch with friends, gathering with our small group… it was a nice, laid-back time. I would say I’m recharged for the week ahead, but I don’t think anything about me feels recharged at any point anymore. But that’s neither here nor there… a pregnancy update post for another time, perhaps!


Things I’m Into:

  • I just finished reading “The Perfect Couple” and really enjoyed it! If you’re looking for a book to get sucked into, I recommend this one.
  • “What we eat now is a greater cause of disease and death in the world than either tobacco or alcohol. In 2015 around 7 million people died from tobacco smoke, and 2.75 million from causes related to alcohol, but 12m deaths could be attributed to “dietary risks” such as diets low in vegetables, nuts and seafood or diets high in processed meats and sugary drinks.” (here) 
  • Tim and I are among the growing number of cord cutters. We’ve tried it before (when we were both working and before we had kids) and then decided to go back to it once I started staying at home with the girls… now we’re switching again to the world of online streaming.
  • “The ‘sorry’s that fill our written interactions also need to be noticed — and banished. For emails, Jovanovic says, “There’s a Google Chrome plug-in called ‘just not sorry’ that will alert you to all the needless apologies.” With texts, she points out, “Every single one of us has responded to a text you got when you weren’t able to respond right away. What did you say? ‘Sorry.’” She says, “Don’t apologize — say, ‘I was working,’ ‘I was reading,’ ‘I was driving, ‘I was trying to put on Spanx.’ Whatever it is, it’s all good. You don’t have to apologize.” (here) 
  • “In future-proofing my life, I have made every day richer. A problem shared is a problem halved, my kids were taught at school. Communities do that too.” (here)
  • I want all of the things from this print shop, but I ended up deciding on this one as a large print for over our fire place. I can’t wait to see it once it’s framed / hung!

I hope your week is off to a terrific start!

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