Weekend Favorites (v11)

We’ve had such a good few weeks and weekends, lately. I think my favorite weekends are the ones that fill up with plans unexpectedly. Like yesterday, for example. We didn’t have any plans, but we hired a babysitter so that we could get things done around the house, and a friend came over with his son to help Tim hang some shelves, while I sorted newborn clothes into piles of ‘gender neutral’ and ‘very girly.’ (So now we can check quite a few things off the pre-baby list!)

Then in the afternoon the girls played outside with some neighborhood kids, and one of the families ended up staying over for a very unplanned dinner. I can tend to feel a bit disconnected in pregnancy (as I get lazier and less motivated to plan/do fun things), so it’s really nice when socialization manages to happen with minimal effort on my part!

Things I’m Into:

  • Tim and I recently watched this documentary and it kind of blew our minds. It’s a must watch for those of you who live in Seattle.
  • March Madness has begun (obviously)! So that’s what I’ve been doing the past few days… watching rounds 1 and 2 and not doing a whole lot else. It’s been a wonderful way to justify relaxing at almost-38 weeks pregnant.
  • Speaking of Amy Schumer, have you seen her special, “Growing”?! So raunchy. So good. (Watch it on Netflix.)
  • I recently got a facial and the¬†esthetician recommended I started using this line of skin care products, and after a little over a week I’ve been really impressed! Pregnancy doesn’t necessarily cause my skin to break out, but I do feel like it has made my sun spots / acne scars especially red. Or maybe I’m just getting old? Either way, I’m so glad I went in to get a facial and am vowing to return ASAP!

I hope your week is off to a terrific start!

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