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(One day) I really hope I’m a better parent than a dog owner.

Confession: Once upon a time I thought I would be a most-excellent dog owner. Sure, there were some clues throughout  my life that I probably wasn’t up for the responsibility of keeping anything alive, much less a dog. Like when I got … Continue reading

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I wonder if stealing the Bible is a sin. I really hope not.

In Chicago we get all of the seasons… and the longest is definitely winter.  Or maybe it just seems that way.  Either way, we’re well into March and there’s a lot of snow on the ground. I think it’s rather … Continue reading

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Please don’t chase that baby stroller.

Isn’t it great when your dog is wonderfully well-behaved and doesn’t attack the runners/strollers/skateboarders/other dogs/anything-that-moves-faster-than-him? I wouldn’t know.  Our dog is an asshole. I’m fairly certain he thinks his entire life mission revolves around Eating Ensuring we are safe from … Continue reading

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