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First Trimester Thoughts

I don’t think I ever told this blog that we’re expecting a baby, did I? (Third child problems, I guess.) Anyways, I’m sure you saw it on social media a few weeks ago, but we’re expecting a baby – yay! … Continue reading

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Why we waited to share the (awesome) news that we’re pregnant.

One of the ‘hot topics’ (I don’t know if it’s really ‘hot, but it’s at least a topic everyone seems to have a different opinion about) in the pregnancy world is when a woman/couple should announce her/their pregnancy. I think many … Continue reading

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Buy cheap pregnancy tests and other things I learned during the first trimester of my pregnancy.

OK, I promise I will not be doing pregnancy posts every week, but I wanted to do one more first trimester post because the first trimester is such a stressful and confusing time and if this post just helps one … Continue reading

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First trimester pregnancy ‘confessions’.

*Update: the following post is from my first pregnancy, but you can check out the first trimester thoughts from my third pregnancy (yikes!) here!* This pregnancy thing feels more real and real every day. On Friday morning we heard Baby B’s heartbeat for … Continue reading

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