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First Trimester Thoughts

I don’t think I ever told this blog that we’re expecting a baby, did I? (Third child problems, I guess.) Anyways, I’m sure you saw it on social media a few weeks ago, but we’re expecting a baby – yay! … Continue reading

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Why we waited to share the (awesome) news that we’re pregnant.

One of the ‘hot topics’ (I don’t know if it’s really ‘hot, but it’s at least a topic everyone seems to have a different opinion about) in the pregnancy world is when a woman/couple should announce her/their pregnancy. I think many … Continue reading

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Buy cheap pregnancy tests and other things I learned during the first trimester of my pregnancy.

OK, I promise I will not be doing pregnancy posts every week, but I wanted to do one more first trimester post because the first trimester is such a stressful and confusing time and if this post just helps one … Continue reading

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First trimester pregnancy ‘confessions’.

This pregnancy thing feels more real and real every day.  On Friday morning we heard Baby B’s heartbeat for the first time (before then we had only seen him/her on ultrasounds). On Friday afternoon we bought paint for Baby B’s … Continue reading

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