First Trimester Thoughts

I don’t think I ever told this blog that we’re expecting a baby, did I? (Third child problems, I guess.) Anyways, I’m sure you saw it on social media a few weeks ago, but we’re expecting a baby – yay! (But also – WHOA.)

Pregnancy Announcement for Baby #3

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Since I knew I wasn’t going to be blogging about my pregnancy until the first trimester was over, I wrote down alllll of my (first trimester) thoughts as I had them, so I could publish them later. Ah, the internet is a wonderful place.

First Trimester Pregnancy Thoughts

Here’s what I was thinking about in the first trimester of my third pregnancy:

  • I need saltines.
  • I love these toddler snuggles, but my kid’s hair smells like wet dog and I really might throw up on her if I don’t get away.
  • I think I may lay on this couch all day long.
  • Must eat applesauce. ASAP.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m dying.
  • Please for the love, stop jumping on me, girls!
  • This baby will be fine if I eat nothing but carbs for a few weeks, right? Maybe a few months?
  • I swear this feels worse than my other pregnancies. It’s probably twins.
  • OHMYGOSH WHAT IF IT’S TWINS?! (bursts into actual tears)
  • Laundry can wait. Cleaning the house can wait. Putting on a bra can wait.
  • Oh great, sore nipples. Although my boobs are getting bigger, so that’s a perk.
  • Every time I open up the refrigerator I want to puke, so I guess the girls are only getting lunch from the pantry.
  • I need a nap.
  • Did I ever have energy? Ever in my life? How does everyone else want to actually do things?
  • Oh hey, flat stomach. I’m going to be missing you very soon.
  • (Looks at Pinterest for baby announcement ideas. Decides it’s all too much effort.)
  • I don’t understand how I need to pee so much when I’m barely drinking anything. Shoot, I need to remember to hydrate.
  • I cannot believe this nausea is probably going to last 10 more weeks. I’ll never make it.
  • Well shit, I prayed the symptoms would go away and today I feel much better and now I’m paranoid something is wrong.
  • (Goes to a restaurant and orders an expensive seafood entree… only eats mashed potatoes.)
  • Thank you Jesus, for the miracle of modern medicine and Zofran.
  • That is the cutest heartbeat I’ve ever seen! (8 weeks)
  • I don’t understand how I can sleep 9 hours and still be exhausted all day.
  • Seeing my little nugget at 12 weeks is such a relief. It looks like a baby in there!
  • Any social plan that starts after 7pm is so not happening.
  • Because I plan on being in bed by 8pm every night for the rest of my life.
  • Is this baby or bagel? (Pokes belly) … it’s too squishy to be baby.
  • I still love Zofran, but holy constipation. Yikes.
  • Now I’m exhausted from 2pm-9pm and wide awake from 9pm-12am! Fun!
  • Week 13 and things have only gotten worse. My neck hurts, my head hurts, I’m nauseous all day and night, and in the afternoons I’m so tired I can’t get off the couch.
  • Do I really have to do three more weeks of this?! (My prior pregnancies indicate, “yeah lady”.)
  • Genetic testing at 12 weeks was fun because we got to see the sweet little babe via ultrasound, but I guess we won’t get the results until my second blood draw at 15 weeks. This is the stuff I don’t remember from the first time around!

Right now I’m at 21+ weeks and have just finally started feeling well! This is the first week alllllll pregnancy in which I feel human again, praise the Lord. I feel unstoppable!

I’ll post a pregnancy update post soon, for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

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