How I Save Money On Holiday Cards

I feel like there are a few good options for saving money on holiday cards:

  • Eliminate a lot of people from your recipient list.
  • Take advantage of all of the deals.
  • Be creative with your printing.
  • Send boxed cards without photos. (Or electronic cards!)

For the past few years (and for our last baby announcement), I’ve gone with option #3. And a little bit of option #2 (if we’re being honest), but this just doesn’t seem to align with the holiday spirit of things.

How To Save Money On Holiday Cards

I love sending holiday cards, but I hate paying hundreds of dollars to do it!

So here’s what I do to save some money (while still creating/buying/sending personalized cards):

  • Design the front and back of the card myself. I usually use, but if I really wanted a beautiful card, I’d find a graphic designer type person (or someone who can do that type of work) and pay them a few dollars to create a digital image. There are tons of great options on Etsy!
  • Take your digital image and upload it to (this referral link will save you $25% on your first order).
  • Order the prints.

I usually order about 100 holiday cards from and this year my total cost was less than 90 dollars, including shipping. So now I just need to put stamps on these babies and send them off to loved ones!

(This post isn’t sponsored, I love saving money on holiday cards and thought I’d share my method with you!)

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3 Responses to How I Save Money On Holiday Cards

  1. This is super helpful! There’s a pretty good chance I’m going to send out holiday cards for the first time this year, and I had NO idea how expensive it was. Makes me feel bad about all the ones my friends have sent me over the years that always inevitably ended up in the recycling after New Year’s! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  2. Designing your own cards is really smart!

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