Gift Ideas for 2-5 Year Olds

I made a wish list for the girls’ Christmas present ideas this year. Actually, I think I’m going to keep it after the holidays and continue adding to it for the new baby and also for the girls’ birthdays, and just keep it going. Heck, I even have an item or two for me and Tim on there! We don’t buy the girls many toys and I feel like whenever a celebratory event comes around I always forget the ideas I had months before.

I’m using babylist for the registry because I can add things from sites other than Amazon. (Previously, I had used an Amazon wishlist to keep track of items the girls might want/need.)

Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Here’s what made it on the girls’ Christmas lists this year… (Gift Ideas for Preschoolers):

Legos. The girls don’t have any ‘real’ Legos, and I think it’s time we invested in them! Isabelle, especially, loves to build with anything and everything and I think she’ll be super interested in these. Am I going to get super annoyed when I need to pick up hundreds of these pieces every single day? Undoubtedly.

Wooden Bead Set. Clara absolutely loves playing with beads and creating necklaces. She isn’t a very fine motor skills type of girl, but she will sit and work on beading, so I’m hoping this is an activity she enjoys for more than the 2 seconds that she stays interested in other activities!

Balance Ball. My girls are inexplicably obsessed with these things every time we see one out and about, and even though Clara is going to be too big for it in a few months, the new baby coming along will get lots of use out of it! Hopefully!

Kinetic Sand. I see this recommended on a lot of lists for toddler sensory toys, so I’m going to try it! Clara is a kid who needs a lot of sensory input, so I think she might enjoy this.

Stepping Stones. The girls are always, always turning everything in our house into an ‘obstacle course’ and I think they might like the balancing component of using these to play with. Plus, it may just keep them from jumping off the couches… one can hope, right?!

Play Scarves. Every single toddler activity we go to involves these. Toddler gyms, toddler gymnastics, toddler storytime, toddler ballet… everything. So I figure they must be onto something and maybe the girls will play with them at home, too! They can be capes, baby blankets, tea party table cloths… there are a lot of imaginative uses.

Rocker Board. Can I say ‘no’ to a Waldorf-inspired toy that works on balance? No I cannot. My girls are 100% physical little creatures so anything that gets them moving safely and creates a bit of a challenge, I’m a fan of!

Magna-Tiles. I think every kid over 18 months old should have a set of these and I just cannot believe that we don’t own a set yet. The price has always kept me away, but I know my kids will absolutely love them. Our library has a set and the girls always play with it for a long time.

Wooden Toy Train Set. Another toy that I can’t believe we don’t own! So many of our friends have toy train sets and the girls absolutely love playing with them, so it’s time we get one of our own. I’m hoping at this point the girls will be able to put the tracks together themselves… maybe? One can hope.

Building Blocks. We don’t have a large block set yet, so this one is just calling my name. Aren’t the colors so pretty?! As I mentioned before, Isabelle loves building all of the things, so I think this is going to be her jam.

Daniel Tiger Figures. They are obsessed with Daniel Tiger and actually play really well with little figures. We have a ton of baby dolls in our house (all of which are very, very taken care of each day), but we don’t have any small figures that the girls can move around. I think they’ll enjoy playing with these.

Of course what’s actually going to happen is that the girls are going to fight over any and all of these gifts because they’ll inevitably be sharing them all. Sooooo there’s that to look forward to! But I think these toys will be able to be used for a long period of time, plus they don’t make noise – which is a win for everyone!

Historically Tim and I haven’t gotten the girls gifts on Christmas (except for festive jammies), but this year we bought them each a book and may buy a big item from this list for them to share. I also plan on taking each of them to a toy store (separately) to pick out a gift for each other. I did this with Clara last year and although it was a little bit of a frustrating process, it was also really nice and Clara was so excited about giving her sister her ‘cow cape’. (It may have been a Dalmation costume… but who knows/cares.)

I hope sharing this list helps you with any last-minute inspiration you need for some young people in your life!

Happy Holiday (Shopping)!

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