A Quick February Recap (I can’t believe it’s over already!)

Remember when I did a January recap? Well, I liked the idea so much that I’m going to continue it all year! If you can believe it, it’s already time for February’s recap. Even though outside it looks like it’s still comfortably December, but whatever. I digress.


In February we…

  • Spent some quality guy/girl time at a jewelry trunk show and the arcade, respectively.
  • Watched the (awful) Superbowl with my in-laws while simultaneously celebrating my father-in-law’s 60th birthday! We got bored halfway through the game and ended up ice skating in the backyard. It was so much fun!
  • Got our butts kicked in trivia.
  • Survived (another) polar vortex.

  • Felt Baby B. clearly kick for the first time. I felt it super clearly around weeks 18 or 19 and the Husband felt it at 20w1d (Valentine’s Day!) Such a magical moment for us.
  • Went to our 20 week ultrasound and saw Baby B. (S)he was sleeping through the entire appointment, but it was still fascinating to see our little baby looking so baby-like! Plus, we were thrilled that (s)he looks totally healthy.
  • Went out to a Valentine’s Day lunch with my mom to celebrate the day of love, a healthy baby, and a new apartment!
  • Celebrated being halfway through our pregnancy by taking a baby bump pic.

  • Watched a LOT of Olympic coverage on TV.
  • Started the paperwork for our name change… coming soon!
  • Got together with friends to ice skate in Millennium Park on an especially lovely evening. I didn’t fall even ONCE – so I’m considering the night a success. Also, my mom threatened the Husband with instant death if he let me (but more importantly, Baby B) fall. 

  • Dumpster dove for moving boxes in the suburbs and were quite successful.
  • Began going to church consistently again (as opposed to watching the sermons online).
  • Saw one of my very best friends from high school and had the chance to catch up for an entire day – pure happiness.
  • Ate brunch at Ann Sather‘s (one of my favorite places in the city).


  • Celebrated our friends’ pregnancy by attending a baby shower for Baby Strath! (Well, I did, at least!) It was cuteness overload to the extreme. I also learned that I suck at decorating onesies. Dang it, the left side of my brain is just so much stronger than the right side!
  • Packed up our old apartment and got ready to transition into a new area of Chicago. (Actually, the Husband packed up our old apartment. I’m a much better supervisor than a packer).
  • Moved into our new apartment in West Town. 
  • Unpacked all of our stuff and organized our apartment in less than two days, thanks to some of my lovely girlfriends / unpacking masters, Amy and Laine.

And now March is here and with it a few weekends away from Chicago and hopefully some warmer weather and my new exercise regimen beginning and making some bets around March Madness. Those are the plans, at least. Of course, I’ll keep you updated with how these items are progressing.


What was the absolute highlight of your February?! 


Cheers to more new beginnings!

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