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37+ weeks pregnant

The final countdown to baby is on. I made the girls a paper chain when there was a month left and they take a link off every morning as soon as they wake up. Then they cheerfully exclaim/question “ONLY __ … Continue reading

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What I’m Feeling at 40 Weeks Pregnant

I’m officially 40 weeks pregnant and am feeling all of the emotions. I’m feeling anxious about when labor and delivery will start. I’m feeling a bit skeptical that labor will actually start at all (since it didn’t last time). I’m … Continue reading

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Third Trimester (aka, “The Final Countdown”)

I can’t decide if this pregnancy is going super slowly, or super quickly at this point. The weeks fly by, but when I say I’m ‘only’ 31 weeks pregnant, I feel like I have forever-and-a-half to go. My physical therapist laughed … Continue reading

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My Second Pregnancy Experience (& A Giveaway to PinkBlush Maternity)!

Being pregnant a second time is such a blessing, and also such a different experience than it was the first time. On one hand, it feels very much the same. This pregnancy has progressed exactly the same as my first … Continue reading

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Having sex did not convince Bumpy to make an appearance.

Confession: Pregnancy after 40 weeks is not fun.  And I loved pregnancy. I seriously did. I loved almost every single moment of being pregnant. I was blessed with a very easy pregnancy and I didn’t take it for granted! I’ve heard … Continue reading

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