This weekend involved lepruchauns. And Jedis.

LOh what a weekend, full of shenanigans.

I’ll admit it, St. Patrick’s Day is not usually a holiday I enjoy.

Basically because watching drunken chaos at 1pm is not my cup o’ tea. Everyone knows ridiculousness should always wait until after dinner.

BUT, this year was spectacular.

Our day went a little something like this:

We met up with friends well before-noon o’clock and bought drinks at Starbucks. Then we (like the classy individuals we are) poured Baileys from a water bottle into our drinks.

We made our way downtown, braving public transportation and the potential of getting puked on, and saw the green river.

We drank our coffee and hot chocolate with Baileys.

We attempted to see the parade. (Confession: the only float we saw was the Plumbers Union float and I had to be hoisted up by the Husband to even see that. Major parade fail.)

We went out with my college roommate and friends at the Hard Rock downtown.

We drank green beer.

We went up to Lincoln Park to go out with more friends.

We drank more green beer.

We ate tater tots.

And we were home by 5pm. 

Now THAT is a successful Saturday, if you ask me.

And we barely saw any chaos!

OK, now that is a total lie. It was complete mayhem everywhere we looked.

Like this guy who thought it would be a great idea to throw his face threw a window. After he took off his shirt and shoes.

I won’t describe the rest of the scene except to say there was a lot of blood and Jedis showed up (why would someone dress up as a Jedi on St Patrick’s day?!) with their light sabers and started taking pictures so a verbal fight broke out… it was a mess.

But don’t worry, I (for one) made it back to my apartment in one piece.

  • Lisa: 1
  • Jedis: 0
  • Broken-faced-man: -500

The rest of the weekend was spent working out (CrossFit kicked my booty, again), going to church, lounging in my apartment reading ‘Game of Thrones’ and going out to dinner with some loves.

I was so full after dinner… so uncomfortably full. I knew I shouldn’t have ordered and eaten those cannolis, but they were so delicious.

You can tell it’s still clearly on my mind.


All in all, I will chalk this weekend up as a wonderful time all-around.

I mean, seriously, there was blood, laughter, beer, wine, church, sweat, love, good books, dancing, a few leprechauns, cannolis, and sunshine.

What more could I ask for?!

Oh yeah, and Selection Sunday happened. But we’ll leave that for another post….

I hope everyone had a truly marvelous weekend and is ready for the week ahead!

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