My new BFF is named Stella and she has a basket.

It was a splendid weekend.

I mean, of course it was… are there any other kinds of weekends?

(That’s a rhetorical question, let’s not all waste our time thinking of less-than-stellar weekends we’ve been forced to endure by unkind fate or crazy in-laws or weird exes… etc.)

I’m trying to get better at relaxing, and it’s working, gosh darn it! 

There were some notable ‘accomplishments’ this weekend:

*I use the term ‘accomplishment’s loosely… it’s really in the eye of the accomplish-er, right?

// I read two great books: The New Rules of Marriage and A Bag of Marbles. Both are super, highly recommended.

// I laid outside on my deck wearing nothing but a bikini and with beer as my accessory-of-choice. Guys, I was out on my deck in minimal clothing in MAY in Chicago. This in itself is quite notable.


// We had an adult tea party. Kind of. We went to The Slurping Turtle with some bestest friends and it was phenomenal. The waiter gave us our mixed drinks in a teapot and poured them into little  bowls with flowers in them. It was my favorite kind of tea party.

// I enjoyed quite a few desserts. Friday was a mint-chocolate-chip kind of night. (My week was a bit on the ‘bleh’ side.) The Husband and I also went to Molly’s Cupcakes and bought two flavors – caramel butterscotch and peach cobbler. They were delicious, per usual.


// I met a new bff and brought her home with me. I think I shall call her Stella. Anyway, she has a basket and she is perfect for me. My last bike was stolen right out of our garage and I was traumatized because a.) it was way expensive and b.) it had peace signs on it. But Stella, she’s here to stay.

*Also, ignore how awkward I look in that picture. Clearly helmets and day-old hair aren’t good looks for me! Noted.

In other weekend awesomeness:

// I managed to go to Target and spend LESS than $100. $89, to be exact. I never thought this day would come, but I feel like I finally, finally defeated Target and it’s marketing schemes to get me to buy every.single.thing I see. 

// I got a facial and it was fantastic, as always. I do love spoiling myself, occasionally as often as possible. Which is actually why I’m making brownies right now…

Life is good!

Cheers to fantastic weekends and close friends and some rest and relaxation.

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