I wore aviators and I drank wine and I ate green, healthy stuff.

This week was not-so-eventful in the life of Lisa. 

For once, I actually welcomed the boredom. The last few weeks I’ve been so swamped with life crap that I could barely identify right from left and happy from miserable and up from down and… well you get the picture.

Basically I was having fun but I couldn’t enjoy it because the stress of life was really bogging me down.

Yep, it’s hard to be me. Having too much fun to enjoy the fun I’m having… are you feeling bad for me yet?

OK, you’re right, me neither. 

Well just because we had a boring week doesn’t mean that I didn’t take photos! And everyone knows that photos are important because they make life look infinitely more exciting than it actually may be!

Online Lisa wouldn’t even recognize Real Life Lisa.

Anyway, this week, when I wasn’t trapped in prison working my 40 hour per week job, I spent some time enjoying the little things.


I enjoyed the sunshine.

// Sunflowers because I’m spoiled.

// Aviator sunglasses because I am awesome. And a total pro at taking way-close-up selfies. You can’t tell, but I did get a haircut this week, too. It doesn’t really look any different to anyone but me, and that’s the way I like it.


I ate some delicious food and drank great (red) wine.

// The Husband whipped up some shrimp tacos for a casual weekday dinner.

// Salad. I made the awful decision to start bringing my (healthy) lunch to work. I don’t know how people do this day after day. It’s torturous to eat rabbit food and to not have an excuse to walk around to pick up lunch from a nearby restaurant. Luckily, we’ve had some wonderful weather in Chicago so I’ve been taking coffee  breaks and walking-around breaks to make up for my depressing staying-in lunchtimes. My adjusted, healthier diet is making me feel better, though!

// Quest to find the perfect wine.

// Relaxing with red wine in a ginormous glass… perfection.


I celebrated the fact that the spring season is finally here, which means that summer is right around the corner!

// Flowers are finally blooming

// The sky has been oh-so blue (this is torturous when I’m at work and mourning the loss of my Hawaii tan, which is fading a bit each hour. Wah!)

// Even the trees are dressed up for the occasion (the occasion  being the arrival of awesome weather after 8 months of being cold and miserable)


And I even got some (Birchbox) goodies in the mail! 

// It’s always a good day when Birchbox goodies arrive at my door! I haven’t had a chance to try any of these products out, but I really cannot wait. As in, I’m going to use them all tomorrow. Because there’s no time like the present, darnit. 


I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs of the week so I can #backthatazzup with Miss Whitney and all the other ladies who are linking up!

Restless Heart by Matt Hires on Grooveshark

Cheers… it’s finally Friday!

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