A little (newlywed) chatter between friends

I’m doing something a bit different today… Well, I’m not sure anything is really ‘different’ on this blog, so let’s just say it’s something I haven’t done before.

Anyway, since I love being nosy  getting to know people, I thought I would get together with another practically-newlywed, the lovely Miss Amberly, and have her answer some questions about marriage/being a newlywed/etc.

And of course I answered the questions myself. Amberly had some questions for me too, so head on over to her blog to see our responses to those! (And while you’re there, check out the most adorable little puppy ever. If you thought I was begging the Husband for another dog before, now I’m in turbo-begging mode!)


What was the most challenging part of wedding planning?

Amberly: While we were planning for our wedding, we were very busy. I was trying to recover from mono while working full time and going to school full time. My husband was working full time and trying to start up a lawn care business. Life was just busy, stressful and tiring. I kind of wish that I’d had more time to relax and have more fun with the planning part of our wedding! It was fun, but I let myself get stressed out a lot more than I should have and didn’t enjoy it as much as I probably could have.

Lisa: I agree with Amberly! I was trying to do too much at once and didn’t really enjoy the wedding planning as much as I could have. But I will say that the  most challenging part of wedding planning overall was dealing with relatives and some of the guests. It’s now my goal to be the most un-difficult (yes, despite what spell check suggests, this IS a word) guest EVER at weddings.

What has been the hardest adjustment to being married?

Amberly: A year ago, I would have had a hard time answering this question because for a while, I didn’t think there were any adjustments that I had to make. I guess at our two year mark, “the honeymoon’s over” so to speak 😉 It has been and is still hard to get used to all of the things that we do differently. We both have a certain way of cleaning, cooking, washing laundry, etc. and we’re also both really stubborn and set in our ways. It makes for a lot of interesting situations, but we usually end up laughing and joking about it in the end.

Lisa: Marriage was a pretty easy adjustment for us! Mainly because we lived together for almost 2 years before we walked down the aisle. (I still maintain that ‘living in sin’ was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.) I think the hardest thing about living together has been our two different sleeping schedules. I love to stay up late and wake up early and the Husband would totally sleep 10+ hours per night if he could. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What is the most surprising thing about being married?

Amberly: I think for me, the surprising thing was how comfortable it was. A lot of people told me that being married and living with a guy was weird and a huge adjustment. I guess that’s why it used to be hard for me to come up with anything in our marriage that I felt took some adjusting to. For me, living with my best friend and having him come home to me every night, etc. was so great and it was easy to slip right into that lifestyle. I expecting it to be more difficult.

Lisa: I agree with Amberly, the most surprising thing about being married is how easy it is and how much I like him still it! 

What are five words your husband would use to describe you? (ask him!)

Amberly: This was difficult for him, his first answer was, “You are a pretty girl.” Five words, that’s what I asked for right? So he says I’m Friendly, multi-tasker, sweet, organized, and beautiful.

Lisa: I love Joe’s original answer on this one! Hahaha! Luckily, the Husband is used to these types of random-ass questions and he came up with: Independent (strong feminist), caring, fun, smart, excellent dancer (OK, on that one he’s making fun of me). I think he also just yelled down the stairs, ‘AND LIBERAL!’ but I can’t be sure.

My awesome dance skills in action.

Does your husband read your blog?

Amberly: Yes, well, I think so! He used to say that it took a lot of effort to click on a link every day, so I set it up to have the posts e-mail to him every day when they publish. I’m pretty sure he reads most of them, and every once and a while he mentions something I’ve written, but I’m not sure if he reads every single post.

Lisa: Oh yes. I know this because we were walking with our little Monster (near a playground filled with children, no less) and he (OUT OF NOWHERE) says, ‘so, acidic vaginal secretions? REALLY?’ I have no idea why he thought this was an appropriate phrase to say around children, but I also don’t know why I thought it was an appropriate thing to post on the internet


To continue reading these gems, go to Life With Amberly and Joe (and say hello to her new puppy friend while you’re there)!

I’ll leave you with a song that just says ‘weekend’ all over it. You’re welcome. 

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Cheers & Happy Friday! (And the end to the longest short week ever).

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