Wine, a concert, glowstick headbands, the usual.

The hours of this week went by soooo slowly but the days went by in a blur.

Do you know what I mean?


OK then. Glad we talked.

Let’s just get on with the post.

I had so much fun recapping my week last week in sets of 4 that I think I’ll make it a weekly thing! Yay!

4 Favorite Things:

  • My new Vino2Go / Brew2Go cups
  • (Free) outdoor concerts & Glen Hansard, or at least his music.
  • The Blackhawks and the fact that they’re in the Stanley Cup Finals!!!!!!
  • Riding my bike to work

A few girlfriends and I went to a concert and it was phenomenal. And free. Nothing is better than summer in Chicago.

4 Confessions:

  • I was in a bitchy mood for most of this week. I wasn’t even grumpy, I just straight up got annoyed by half the people I came into contact with. Bleh.
  • I didn’t know who Glen Hansard was before I went to his concert, and now I’m obsessed.
  • Our toilets at work have those hands-free flusher things, and the toilet I was using flushed itself 3 times (without me prompting it!) while I was in the stall, causing me to wonder what in the world I could possibly be doing wrong. I found the whole experience to be very troubling.
  • I’ll soon be offering ad swap/sponsoring opportunities… Yikes!

4 Favorite Links Articles:

4 Posts I Wrote This Week:

  • Could this weekend have been filled with any more happiness?! I think not. (Mon
  • How I (attempt to) cure a bad mood. (Tues
  • I’m probably not as trustworthy as I think I am (are you?!) (Wed)
  • Excuses, excuses (I have plenty of them!) (Thurs


** Allow me to go on a bit of a tangent about Vino2Go / Brew2Go. Well, I may be the worst reviewer ever because I totally brought my Vino2Go cup with me to the Glen Hansard concert and really thought I was going to take pictures of myself with this cup. Then I realized I was having a bad hair day and didn’t want to take any solo pictures.

Well then I got a bit tipsy and I forgot about my hair and we took some group pictures and luckily you can just barely see my beloved Vino2Go in one of my favorites from the evening. 

So I guess it wasn’t a complete reviewer fail, but it was close!

Oh you didn’t immediately notice the product in this picture? Weird.

To be honest, there was no way I wasn’t going to love this product. It’s a plastic ‘sippy cup’ for adults, made to look like either a beer bottle or a wine glass. You could put any liquid in these cups, but let’s be honest, they’re best used with alcohol.

From the moment I set my eyes on this cup on other bloggers’ pages, I knew I wanted one. Then when the wonderful Product Farm said I could have one for free I almost peed my pants (from excitement, obviously). Free stuff is always the best stuff. Plus, I got these cups right in time for outdoor concerts, festivals, movies, etc. Basically, the Vino2Go and I are going to be attached at the hip for the near future.

I loved the colors, I loved the cuteness factor, I loved that it’s reusable so I don’t have to keep buying cheapo plastic wine glasses for outdoor Chicago events, I loved that it’s not very expensive… yep I would say I’m a happy camper! I’m actually thinking of buying some more of these as (tame / non-sexual) bachelorette or even bridal shower gifts. 

Anyway, Product Farm has offered to give two of these cups away to my (incredible) readers, so if you would like a Vino2Go or a Brew2Go cup, today may be your lucky day!


One winner will receive a Brew2Go cup and one winner will receive a Vino2Go cup. Easy, right?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to check back on Wednesday to see if you’re a winner! 

(I’ll do everything I can to contact the winners directly, but you know, just in case).

I’ll leave you with a Glen Hansard song. Not that I’m listening to his music nonstop or anything weird like that…

Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard on Grooveshark

Cheers to Friday!

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