Hockey and babies and pinball, oh my.

Another weekend came and went, which means it’s time to link up with Sami to talk about some of the shenanigans I got into over the last three days!

It all started off with the Blackhawks parade

Evidently 2 million people were skipping work present on Friday morning to celebrate the Blackhawks. The players rode in double-decker buses from the ice rink to Grant Park, where they had a bit of a rally. The Husband and I didn’t go to the rally, but we did watch the mini-parade! We got there just in time to see the buses drive slowly down the street at the very beginning of the parade. 

The players were quite drunk and gave some uh… ‘interesting’ speeches at the rally (which we watched later on the internet). I’ll let you look those up for yourself, if you feel so inclined.

Pretty much the opposite of a parade of drunken hockey players is a baby shower, and that was another weekend highlight!

My dad’s girlfriend’s daughter (yeah, are you following this? Basically she’s my step-sister except our parents aren’t married) and her husband are having a baby girl in September and we celebrated them with a baby shower on Saturday.

Everything was pink and adorable. Both of their families are Italian and evidently that means you get a TON of awesome presents, so it was fun to see all of the baby stuff! 

(I guess I didn’t get the Italian-presents correlation memo when I married my non-Italian husband! Oh well.)

The shower was quite lovely. Generally I’m not a fan of showers, but the ones I’ve been to lately have been really nice, so I may stop trying to avoid them! Anytime I get an excuse to drink wine and eat chocolate in the early afternoon is a good day for me.

… And what would a weekend be without pinball? I swear, this is becoming a common theme for me and the Husband. Our favorite newlyweds came into town on Saturday night and we went out to dinner (at The Peasantry) and then ended our night playing pinball in a bar. At least this time I wasn’t in a cocktail dress. 

Do you know that there’s ‘strategy’ and a way to be ‘good’ at pinball?

Neither did I. Nor have I ever cared to invest time in learning the proper skills and technique to dominate the game. But, if we keep going back to this darn bar, I may need to pick up a few pointers so I can stop embarrassing myself.

Overall, the weekend was fun and restful and we got to see my favorite hockey crush and some great friends and I guess I really just can’t complain! And now it’s Monday already, yikes. Ohmygoodness I also just realized it’s officially JULY. What the heck, year?! 

Well, cheers to a holiday week!

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