My perfectly simple day (which happened to include cheese-grater-like abs)

My favorite days have never been the big occasions. With big celebrations come big expectations and increased anxiety, and really, those days never seem as perfect (to me) as those days that just kind of sneak up on me with their awesomeness.

*Sidenote: Well, some days are the exception. I obviously BEYOND LOVED my wedding week in Jamaica and my bachelorette party, and some of my birthdays… but I must say, I generally prefer the normal days, the ones that pass by with me just living my normal life with the people I love.

This Sunday was one of those (unassuming, perfect) days.


// I woke up ‘early’ (9:30 am… but it was a weekend!)

// I went to CrossFit and the workout was ‘fun’ (well, I mean it kind of sucked, but it was fun considering I was sweating my booty off!) and really challenging. As a perk, it was really hot in the gym, which normally I hate, but it necessitated a lot of the men taking their shirts off and let me just say  – HOLY ABS. That is all.

// The Husband met me on my way home as a surprise, and took me out to our favorite neighborhood coffee shop for a little Sunday morning date. (I ordered my Thai iced coffee and we split a coconut doughnut).

// We came home and cleaned the apartment.

// We walked to Express to take advantage of their 40% off Labor Day sale and bought a bunch of new clothes for the Husband (he needed new clothes, badly!) and a few new shirts for me.

// Together, the Husband and I cooked a delicious lunch of roasted veggies and peach salad. (Yep, this lunch is super healthy for us and it tasted delicious and I felt great afterwards! I’m really trying to add some more fruits and veggies to my diet).

// We rode our bikes to our good friends’ brand new house to take part in their block party, beers, and a few games with friends. We met some new people and were able to catch up with some great friends and celebrate them buying and settling into a new home!

Also, I was serenaded by a Mexican soloist who was hired to sing for the block party… I have no idea, it was all very confusing and I only understood about 1/10 of what he was singing to me. It was a very sad song but I smiled dumbly anyway, because I wasn’t sure what else to do! (I ALWAYS get singled out in a crowd).

// We got home late, took our little Monster on a walk, and went to bed together.

It was a day filled with little things and overall perfection and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

(The only thing missing from our schedule was church, which we need to catch up on via Webcast. Three cheers for technology!)

This Sunday made me thankful for the little things and for the simple things in life that make me so unbelievably happy. Plus, it served as a reminder to me that I don’t need to be a control freak and plan my life out to the Nth degree, because perfection can happen when I’m not in control of anything.

What does your perfect day entail? Are your favorite days the ones that you look forward to forever, or the ones that come up unexpectedly?


Cheers to a new week which means new possibilities and new beginnings!

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