A little Labor Day chit chat.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I hope you’re celebrating by relaxing and not actually doing laborious things.

(In case you’re wondering, I’m spending the day relaxing with the Husband and cleaning the apartment a bit and and spending time outside… but enough about me!)

Two bloggers sitting on park benches… guess which one is the fashion blogger?!

Today I had the chance to play ‘interviewer’ (which I’m totally bad at because not only do I interview but I actually answer the questions myself… I know, who does that, right?!) and I had the chance to interview one of my favorite funny blogger ladies, Miss Karly Kim! Not only is this lady funny, but she’s also fashionable and photogenic. It’s like the trifecta, in my opinion.

Onto the questions!


If you could choose any celebrity to be instant best friends with, who would you choose and why?


KK: Tina Fey, just because I’m obsessed with her.

Lisa: Ellen, obviously! I’m pretty sure she could teach me some amazing dance moves, and she seems to know people (everyone in the world), so I bet we’d get invited to some pretty fun events. 


Let’s say you could be famous for anything, what would it be?


KK: Something stupid – like, the world’s best ponytail doer.  

Lisa: I would totally be a TV judge, like Judge Judy. I mean, I could basically get paid for sharing my opinions and for calling people out on their BS – how amazing would that be?!


If your personality was a pair of shoes, what shoes would it be?

KK: Yellow Christian Louboutin pumps.  Yellow is my favorite color, I guess because it matches my skin.  And the red heels have just enough sass.   

Lisa: Ohhh I’m a huge fan of Karly’s answer on this one (and the shoes in general!). I would have to go with the shoes I wore for our wedding. They were sparkly and they changed colors and I’m not exactly sure what that symbolizes, but I like it.


What three things are on your bucket list for the last half of this year?



KK: 1. Run – at least once.  Working out is the bane of my existence. 
2. See Matt Bomer with his shirt off.  This is motivation for #1, because we go to the same gym.  
3. Go to the Museum of Natural History at night and see if everything really does come alive.

Lisa: Once again, I can’t beat Karly’s answers. But on my ‘to-do in 2013 list’ is…

1. Visit a continent I haven’t been to before (this is cheating, because we already have a trip planned).
2. Finish our wedding and honeymoon photo albums
3. Get a freakin’ awesome job!




What would you say is your worst habit?


KK: I am a perpetual hair trimmer.  If I see a split end I immediately must cut it off.

Lisa: The Husband would probably say my worst habit is that I bite my toenails, but I’m not convinced that’s my WORST habit… I’ll go with procrastination. On second thought, forget everything I said about toenail biting.


So now that you know a bit more about us Karly (maybe even more than you ever wanted to know!) go ahead on over to Karly’s blog and say ‘hey’ and wish her a happy Labor Day!

Cheers to long weekends!

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