Things (about me) I bet you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

Over the last month or so I’ve noticed there are a lot of new readers on this blog (YAY, thanks for visiting! Or for being a loyal reader from way back! Or for stumbling on this blog today through random search terms that have nothing to do with this blog!) , so I wanted to take a bit of a time-out to re-introduce myself. And obviously, this is going to involve a list of random things that you probably never knew you wanted to know about me.

It’s also possible that you could have lived the rest of your life without knowing these things about me, but I wouldn’t want to risk that, so I’ll share them anyways.

You are very welcome.



twelve facts about me


.. I am painfully frugal about a lot of things, but I never go a month without a massage and a facial. I consider these things very, very necessary to my sanity. The Husband and I also never say no to an awesome trip.

.. I have three tattoos and really want another one, but I’m not sure what I would get or where.

.. I love cheese above just about all other foods. The Husband doesn’t really like cheese. I’m pretty sure not liking cheese must be a disease of some sort.

.. I am a very, very fast reader which has done wonders for my productivity over the years.

.. I really dislike sleeping. When I’m tired, of course I love the feeling of falling into bed, but if I never had to sleep, I totally wouldn’t. There’s just too much to DO in life!

.. I go to a CrossFit gym about 2-3 times a week. I really should go more, but I’m happy with the results I’ve gotten so far and I also like not being sore all of the time.

.. I really only like even numbers, especially when it comes to years. I was born on an even day of an even month of an even year. I graduated high school and college on even numbered years. My brothers were born on even numbered years. I met the Husband on an even numbered year, and we were engaged and married on an even numbered year. I’m excited about 2014, that’s for sure.

.. I am very afraid of getting trapped in a full elevator when I have to pee, so I try to never get on an elevator with a full bladder.

.. I’ve loved watching football for as long as I can remember. (And the Chicago Bears have always been my team!)

.. We adopted our little Monster (Ozzie) when he was 3 years old, about 2 years ago. The Husband and I used to fight every day about getting a dog (I wanted one, he did not) and I eventually convinced him by telling him that dogs = love and more love in a house is ALWAYS better than less love. This same logic is NOT working for another dog, even though Ozzie definitely needs a best friend.

.. I dislike the taste of water unless I’m drinking it with food, and even then I rarely finish a full glass. I’ve been adding lemon to it lately, though, and that’s been working out!

.. I have absolutely no interior decorating skills, and greatly admire people who do.


Now wasn’t that fun!?


Tell me something interesting or random about YOU! I love learning things about people!


Cheers to Thanksgiving! I hope you have your stretchy pants ready to go for tomorrow! 

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