There are just so many things to do… at 2am.

Well, my schedule is all out of whack.

Right now it’s 1am and the Husband is lying next to me in bed, apartment searching via every-website-ever and I’m trying to save an insane amount of pictures to our computer. Ozzie is passed out between us (even though our schedules are messed up, his remains consistent with 20 hours a day of sleeping). And I’m ordering some greeting cards and buying baby gifts for friends. And I’m writing Christmas New Years cards to loved ones so I can get the cards sent out tomorrow and people can get them within a few days of it becoming 2014.

Yep, I’m a productive woman at this (early morning) hour!

The problem is that our schedule has gotten destroyed over the past week or so. Now we’ve turned into people who stay up late and wake up even later and aren’t productive until after 9pm. At this point, it’s a small miracle if we get changed out of pajamas before 4pm.

And how did we get to this point?

Well, last Monday was a ‘normal’ day in which we woke up and worked a few hours and all was right with the world. Then it went downhill in a hurry.

I won’t do a full holiday recap in this post (stay tuned… tomorrow may have one!) but suffice it to say, we had some busy days with family and evenings turned into late nights and we were tired so mornings turned into afternoons with us still in bed.


Christmas ‘morning’ photo of my family. Clearly, the Husband and I could not be bothered to put on ‘real’ clothes (he’s in sweatpants)… since this picture was taken at the very early hour of about 2pm.


Like on Christmas Eve: Obviously, since we had to stay up late listening for Santa (and visiting my in-laws) so, it was a late night for us.

Then on Christmas Day we stayed up until 2am having a political debate with my dad before calling it a night.

The day after Christmas we were out at the bars with out-of-town friends who came into the city for a few nights. 

Then Friday night we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching Breaking Bad. One episode after another.

And yesterday, yesterday I thought I might be productive… until I discovered ‘Orange is the New Black’. 

PEOPLE, if you have not seen this show, you are missing out in a big way.

I’m not proud of this fact… but I managed to watch the entire 1st (and only, so far) season in one sitting. I paused long enough to go to the bathroom and get a glass of water and take care of basic necessities, but that is it.

Anyway, I was up until 2am because I couldn’t stand the thought of stopping with only a few measly episodes left.

That show is pure gold.


orange is the new black


Well, since we’re old people and need our sleep (and because we’re on ‘holiday’, darnit) the Husband and I haven’t been setting alarms each morning, and we have been sleeping until 11am or noon. Every day.

And I’m not quite sure this trend is not going to stop anytime really soon. (Before we need to go back to work on Thursday, that is.)

You see, today we’re up late because we aren’t tired and we’re house searching and the Bears lost to the Packers earlier today yesterday and we’re in a state of mourning.

You see? We don’t even have reasonable excuses anymore, we’re just awake and don’t quite know why!

We clearly need to get our internal clocks in working order, ASAP.

I should have been asleep 2-3 hours ago.

Darn you, productivity-at-inconvenient-times!


How are you adjusting to all these days off from your normal routine?! I hope you’re as relaxed as we are!


Cheers to vacation schedules!

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