The simple things that I am overly-excited about today.

It was truly a great weekend and I’m excited about so many things in LIFE right now.

Including (but not limited to):

This pretty much sums up my weekend!

  • The Olympics. I could watch these things 24/7 without feeling bored or unproductive. I mean, some events are more exciting than others, but I just love seeing the joy on athlete’s faces when they win! It’s so amazing to me that people work so hard for these special moments. (I must admit, I also like to see the athlete’s when they lose… there’s just something so real about those moments!)
  • Cookie Dough Oreos. Find them, dunk them in milk, devour a whole package. They’re freakin’ delicious.
  • Prenatal yoga. This was my first experience with so many pregnant ladies in one place! I absolutely loved the class. It wasn’t so much a workout as it was a 90 minute stretching session with a hilarious instructor who cracked jokes the whole time, but who also made the entire time really enjoyable and non-intimidating. I can’t get into yoga as a substitute for a full workout, but I’ll definitely be trying to do this yoga class in the future. (I went to Bloom Studio in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. They do other types of yoga, too, and I highly, highly recommend the studio).
  • Brunch. Not that this is a new thing, because let’s be honest, I’ve never met a brunch I haven’t liked! But there’s something that makes my heart happy about getting together with friends to enjoy an early afternoon brunch and then going home and putting on pajamas at 5pm and then hanging out with the Husband the rest of the night. It’s just the right way to live life. (And it’s a sign I’m getting old. I realize this.)
  • Baby registries. I loved making my own (waaaaay better than a wedding registry!) and I love shopping on other peoples’. Baby stuff is just too adorable and I could seriously spend hundreds of unnecessary dollars on cute things.
  • Pregnancy boobs. My belly hasn’t been all that interesting lately, mainly because it refuses to grow. I mean, i have a bump. Kind of. But no one can see it except me and the Husband. However, my boobs seemed to get huge overnight at some point last week and I love them! Oh hey cleavage! I just wish it was more acceptable for me to take weekly boob pictures instead of baby bump pictures. 
  • Our name change. We’ve finally started the name change process, which is going to take months to finalize. We went downtown Chicago on Friday and filed all the ‘necessary’ paperwork at the Daley Center and scheduled our court date… so we’re making progress. As a sidenote, why do they need three copies of everything?! Can’t they scan it and put it on a computer and save a few trees?! My heart cries every time I see walls and walls of files that are stored in huge buildings. I just don’t get it. (For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… which may be everyone because I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned it before, the Husband and I are combining our last names to form a new last name that we will each legally change our current last names to. The  baby will also have that name, obviously, so we’re under a bit of a time crunch to finalize everything before Baby B. decides to make his/her appearance!)
  • Target shopping trips. I went in for floss, I came out after spending around $200. (Why would I ever think it was a good idea to go into Target for such a cheap and simple item!?) I considered this a minor fail at the time but I actually think it may have been a huge success because I got so many awesome things!!! And only some of them were truly unnecessary.

I’m definitely ready to start this week off on a positive note, despite the 0 degree temperatures Chicago is still torturing us with. I’m thinking all things sunny and joyful, dammit!


Is there anything you’re extra excited about lately!?



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