This week I’m thankful for all things lazy: slippers, books, quiet time, etc.

I must admit, my heart is not in a thankful place this week. And this is why I needed to link up with Katie today (for ‘Thankful Thursday’) – to focus on the positive, darnit!

Before I get into what I am thankful for, let’s just talk about how I’m not thankful for this snow. Even though it’s pretty, I’m just not having it.

Quick confession: I actually almost decided to write a personal finance post today, and then it got advice-y, and then I realized I just published a post (yesterday) talking about how I’m trying not to give unsolicited advice, so I’m going to publish the financial post next week and hopefully that makes me less of a failure/hypocritical person! Just go with me on this, please. The struggle (against giving unsolicited advice) is real!

Moving on.


Things I’m thankful for right-at-this second:

(I’m giving myself 5 minutes to think of things and then I’m cutting myself off)

  • My mom lives nearby (35 min away) and is willing to watch Ozzie when the Husband and I take vacations.
  • Ice cream. Specifically cookie dough and mint chocolate chip.
  • Our apartment is way cleaner now than it was this morning.
  • Health.
  • I’m done with work for the week.
  • I have on the best slippers ever. They’re made by TOMS and I wear them all day around our apartment. Obsessed.


My working-from-home view. Best slippers ever!

  • My church groups and the wonderful people in them.
  • The flexibility I have to work from home (which I took advantage of today).
  • Clementines.
  • Quiet time.
  • New exercise classes that challenge me and make me feel reinvigorated with my fitness routine.
  • My readers and their comments. Guys, you leave me the best and most thoughtful comments that really make me think. Thank you for being so engaged.
  • My semi-curly, crazy hair.
  • Our new apartment and its location in the city. I absolutely love living in West Town (even though it’s only been a few weeks).
  • My relationship with God and his grace towards me when I fail over and over again.
  • … And the grace the Husband shows towards me, as well.
  • A good book. All the good books, actually.
  • This (1lb, negative 16 week old) baby I get to carry around with me everywhere. Seriously, I love having a very mini-sidekick, even if she does practice all her best dance moves at 1am.
  • Friendships and relationships that challenge me and those that comfort me.


What is one thing you’re SUPER thankful for right now?



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