You think you see me happily grocery shopping? Nope, you have the wrong girl.

I haven’t written a simple ‘about me’ post in a while (I don’t think. anyways…. this whole blog is really one large ‘about me’ post, let’s be honest) and there may be new readers stopping by who have no idea who I am (oh hey, new reader!) so I thought this would be a good time to do a little re-introduction of myself.

Without further ado, I give you (the incomplete list of)…

First thing: Enjoying extremely cold temperatures when I have to wear this many layers.

– Going to bed before midnight on any day of the week (although I am working on this).

– Searching for coupons if it involves more than a Google search for a good promo code with online shopping.

– Eating meat (other than fish).

– Crying. I just don’t cry unless I’m REALLY mad.

– (Happily) shopping for groceries.

– Jumping out of an airplane.

– Leaving the last piece of deliciousness for someone else to grab.

– Picking up a call from an unknown number.

– Taking a shot (unless it’s with a straw).

– Turning down a doughnut/cookie/cupcake/bagel… etc.

– Spending hours getting ready, for anything.

– Taking a nap.

– Showing up to an event more than 2 minutes early.

– Cleaning for ‘fun’.

– Obeying the 5-second-rule.

– Singing karaoke.

– Self-promoting without feeling super awkward.

– Watching an entire movie (at home) without checking my phone or eating a snack.

– Finishing my meal (or drink) before everyone else.

– Yelling.

– Participating in a juice cleanse diet of any sort (hanger is a real thing for me and is to be taken seriously!)

– Ignoring a notification for a new text/email/anything that pops up on my phone.

– Walking past a bowl of candy without taking a piece.


This was actually a lot of fun to write! Maybe you learned a thing or two. Maybe you didn’t. Either way, tell me… 


What will I not find you doing?!



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