Overcoming pregnancy hormones with thankfulness (or something like that).

Confession: I’ve been in a shit mood this week.

Not the kind of shit mood that makes other people run away from me, but the kind that leaves me generally feeling defeated.

The week was off to a bad start from Sunday evening, when I had a minor-breakdown because the Husband took a belly picture of me and I hated my hair. It was in a ponytail, a normal ponytail, and I started bawling.

Let’s just blame the pregnancy hormones for this one! It was the first time I’ve cried all pregnancy – I thought I was invincible from the hormonal crap but evidently I am not!

But let’s focus on the positives, because this week really has been awesome and even though work has been stressful and my hair has been in a ponytail and people are driving me a bit nuts – life is good!



// The Husband bought me flowers (above) because I was so stressed out thinking of all the (mainly pregnancy related) things I need to do in the next few weeks. I went through a day of just feeling completely ill-prepared and inadequate, which I would say are the worst feelings for me to deal with (in life). Luckily, these feelings hormones have since passed and I feel like I’m in control once again!

// We heard a great church sermon over the weekend.

// I had not one but two brunches last weekend with girlfriends. Both were at restaurants in my new neighborhood I hadn’t tried before (Flo and The Breakfast Club) and I’m happy to report that they were both successes!

// March Madness. This time of year makes me so, so happy.

// A few days ago the Husband and I spent time catching up with great friends at a local Thai food place (Butterfly Sushi). It was delicious and the conversation was great and I just don’t understand how so much time somehow passes between the times of seeing certain friends! But I’m so glad we’re always able to pick up right where we left off.

// My prenatal massage over the weekend was exactly what I needed. 

// Target shopping trips, no matter how ‘unproductive’ they are because I somehow manage to buy nothing on my ‘list’.

// Great time spent with so many girlfriends! I feel like I’ve had a lot of fun days and nights with my best gal pals lately, and I truly treasure the time catching up and being involved in so many wonderful women’s lives, and having them be involved in mine!

// Prenatal yoga was amazing, once again. I especially love that I get to go with a good friend who is at 38 weeks now. She’s ready to ‘pop’ any day, and I couldn’t be more excited to meet her little one! Plus, she’s a wealth of pregnancy info for me, which is super, super nice and appreciated.

// Little baby kicks.. even when (s)he’s kicking my rib cage. Seriously, I can’t believe it but there’s a baby in my abdomen. Like, one that actually looks like a mini-person! Unreal.

// Ice cream. This will always and forever be on my list of things I’m thankful for.

// The Husband doing a few household ‘tasks’ that we wanted to get done, mainly involving hanging pictures on walls. Nothing makes me happier than getting our house decorated! And, we ordered a kitchen table, so our apartment is coming together quite nicely and this makes me feel very, very happy. It’s becoming ‘home’ for sure!

// Two great movie watching experiences: ‘Frozen’ and ‘The Business of Being Born’. They were very different movie watching experiences, obviously, but I loved both of them.

// Dinner with girlfriends from my church group at Eataly. We had pizza and pasta and bread and they had wine and it was a very delicious little night out!

// Another good experience at barre class. Although, I must say, I ate lot of brownie bites right before class and this was not a good call on my part. I would advise you not to eat a lot of brownie bites before working out.


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What are you especially thankful for this week?!



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