Second trimester pregnancy ‘confessions’.

Didn’t I just write that ‘first trimester confession’ post?! Gosh, it sure feels like it! Time flies in pregnancy – let me tell you!

Since I haven’t been doing ‘bumpdates’ or anything of that sort on this blog, I’ve kept a log of my general thoughts over the past few weeks so I can share all of them in this one post.

You know, in case you’re wondering what has been going through my mind the last 14 weeks or so. 

Before I get started on that, let me just say that the second trimester is a thing of dreams (as far as pregnancy goes, that is). I’ve been comfortable, I’ve been able to workout, I feel great, I haven’t been nauseous (well, since week 16), I can ‘try’ to look pregnant but I can also hide it easily, plus I have the whole third trimester to think about the baby, so at this point I can still focus on pregnancy! It’s seriously such a great time.

I hope the third trimester continues to treat me this well!

  • Compared to seeing the baby on an ultrasound (which we had the chance to do three times in the first trimester and one time in the second trimester), hearing the baby’s heartbeat is less-than-thrilling. I mean the Husband and I were still super excited, of course, but we weren’t as blown away as seeing our little baby bounce around in my uterus.
  • I’m starting to get concerned that I’m definitely not going to be a ‘cute’ pregnant lady with a little bump, and instead I’ll gain weight everywhere. This bothers me more than I’d care to admit.
  • I am so freakin’ thankful to be out of the stressful days of the first trimester, except I still worry about Baby B. every day.
  • Ohhhh the guilt. I feel guilty when I don’t eat healthy enough, when I don’t eat often enough, when I exercise too much, when I don’t exercise enough… But I’m trying to live as normally as I can! I refuse to feel badly over what I eat and drink for months on end, and I don’t feel at all selfish for saying that.
  • My gut instinct is that this baby is going to be a boy but I’d really love a girl. Actually, I’d love either one equally but every time I picture the baby, it’s a boy. (We won’t be finding out the gender).
  • I kind of completely stopped reading the week-by-week sections of my pregnancy books. Not that I don’t care what the baby is up to, but it’s just a little less interesting in the second trimester!
  • And I can’t figure out how big Baby B. is on any given week. The fruit/veggie chart is confusing and so is every other chart out there. I keep being convinced that (s)he’s shrinking on random weeks based on the object comparisons the charts use.
  • I now understand why pregnant women talk about pregnancy so much. It’s on my mind all the freakin’ time. I love pregnancy, I love the thought of my baby, I love everything about this experience! It’s a bit overwhelming, really.
  • But I’m still in denial that an actual BABY is going to be the result of this pregnancy. Like, a real live human that the Husband and I are going to be responsible for… FOREVER! (Or for the first 18 years until the kid moves out and threatens to never speak to us again. Let’s just hope that won’t happen.)
  • Feeling the baby kick me in the uterus feels way more awesome than any kick to the abdomen should feel. And I don’t think I’m mushy at all for saying that.
  • Now that I have the energy to workout again, all I really want to do is eat. SWEETS. For 17 weeks I couldn’t stand the thought of sugar, now all I want to do is to eat all the sugar (in any form) I can find. Root beer is my current craving of choice.
  • I still worry about this baby every single day. (But nearly as much as I worried in the first trimester).
  • I freakin’ love my pregnancy boobs. Sure I may need to buy a few new bras (eventually), but now I have cleavage for the first time in forever and I am loving it.
  • Along with this, I’ve never loved my body more than during pregnancy. My body is miraculous and getting rounder and more lovely than ever. Yeah, my well-defined abs aren’t so well-defined anymore, but my body is showing a new kind of strength and is busy nurturing human LIFE. It’s amazing.
  • I accidentally watched a birthing video and it was terrifying. But like, so terrifying that I couldn’t look away. I decided on the spot that I’m not ready for that shiz-nit and texted the Husband immediately that this baby better find another way out.
  • … And then (a few weeks later) I watched a lot more birthing videos and became absolutely fascinated with them and I can’t look away. I want to see as many as possible and learn as much about it as I can! I’m actually looking forward to the whole labor and delivery process now.
  • I feel like I’m in trouble when it comes to Kegels. I never remember to do them and I find them confusing and then I get distracted or I stop breathing during them… I’m clearly doing something wrong.
  • Maternity jeans are not meeting my expectations. All of my friends love them, but I think they make me look ridiculous. I’m still attempting to avoid them at all cost by wearing maxi dresses and maxi skirts, etc. We’ll see how this works out.
  • I can’t seem to remember what week of pregnancy I’m on. Thank goodness there’s an app for that. (Sometimes I still go back all the way to September and start counting weeks to get to today’s date… just to make sure we’re on the week I think we’re on.)
  • I wanted to hate the belly band, but I love it. It’s keeping me in my normal jeans into the third trimester – and what’s not to love about that?!
  • We still don’t have a name for Baby B, and I’m surprisingly okay with this. We also don’t have a nursery setup. And we haven’t started labor and delivery classes… basically we’re completely unprepared for a baby but I feel like I have nothing but time. I may be in denial because this does not fit in with my Type-A, over-planner personality!
  • Like the first trimester, I have no idea when the second trimester ‘officially’ ends but I’m considering the second trimester of this pregnancy being from weeks 14-28. Let’s go with that.

My next ‘confession’ post will be after the third trimester… and Baby B will be in my arms (or sleeping nearby or something… I’m not sure on the logistics of all of this baby stuff yet)! Crazy thought, huh?!


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