Babymoon: Budapest Highlights

Budapest, Hungary was the third stop on our ‘babymoon express’ vacation, and it was such a great experience! I had been looking forward to visiting this city because I had seen such awesome pictures from other travelers over the years, and Budapest definitely didn’t disappoint.

We arrived in Budapest from Krakow by taking an overnight train. Neither the Husband nor I had ever experienced this before, and let me just say, it was interesting! I am SO glad we splurged and got our own sleeping car, because I would not have slept well on a normal seat and that would have ruined the next day for us! The Husband took top bunk and I took bottom bunk and it was nice to be able to stretch out a bit.  I  still didn’t sleep a ton on the train (sleeping with a baby bump is getting harder and harder and the train kept making stops!) but it was really nice compared to what it could have been. My lack of sleep could have also had something to do with the fact that I was up late reading ‘Divergent’… Nothing like a little easy fiction reading to pleasantly pass some time!

 overnight train to budapest

Night train ride from Krakow to Budapest!

We arrived safely in Budapest and from there we were off, attempting to fit as much in as we could in the two full days we had there.


  • Learning that Buda and Pest are actually neighborhoods on two different sides of the Danube River. Who knew?! We were able to see great views of each side from the other side of the river.
  • Walking all around Pest and seeing the (gorgeous) Parliament Building.

parliament building budapest

The Parliament Building was seriously so freakin’ gorgeous from all angles.

  • And seeing all of the other statues to commemorate heroes of Budapest, from very early history to modern day.
  • Learning about the history Budapest during WWII and the Uprising of 1956 and its much-more-recent transition to capitalism. There is some fascinating history associated with this city.
  • Touring the Hospital in the Rock, which was a hospital during WWII. It was built from pre-existing caves (under and in the side of a hill) and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it!
  • Interacting with the nicest people in all the land. The first day we arrived in Budapest, we were on three different trains/trams and each time, I was offered a seat by someone who had been sitting. Of course, I tried turning down the offer, but that didn’t work at all. I was so pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the people, especially towards tourists!
  • Walking around Buda and seeing Castle Hill. 

capital hill in budapest

Such a pretty roof!

  • Becoming masters of the public transit system so we could get all around town in a matter of minutes.
  • Drinking the most delicious hot chocolate and eating chocolate cake and basically just enjoying warming up on a chilly day. On one particular day, we enjoyed our coffee/hot chocolate in a beautiful room in the upstairs of a bookshop and it was so gorgeous I never wanted to leave.
  • Meandering through City Park and sitting on a bench to watch ducks be ducks on a pond. Sometimes it’s the little things…

matthias church in budapest

The churches are all beautiful, inside and out.

  • Spending time in two churches: St Istvan’s Basilica (which contains a 1000 year old hand of the saint) and Matthias Church.
  • Eating all things delicious and rich and creamy. Eating is definitely a theme of this vacation!



  • Enjoying the sunshine and holding hands and walking around exploring so many different areas with my main man!


Our fourth stop is Vienna… wish us luck!


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