My entire goal for next week is to eat less cake than I did this week. This is easily attainable.

Please, please, please tell me it isn’t Friday yet! The Husband and I leave to go back to Chicago on Sunday and I’m simply not ready. NOT READY AT ALL. Do you hear me, time?! 

Obviously, this week flew by. We spent part it in Budpest, part of it in Vienna, and now the end of it will be enjoyed in Prague. Life has been good!

Onto Friday Fours.

Family picture in Budapest!

Four thoughts from this week

  • My best friend got engaged a few days ago, and even though it was very expected (by me), my excitement level is through the roof. She is marrying a man who is beyond perfect for her and I am absolutely and totally thrilled for both of them.
  • Our babymoon/awesome vacation is over in just a few days. I don’t even want to talk about returning to the ‘real world’.
  • I used to enjoy ‘unplugging’ while on vacation (and still do, if I’m somewhere tropical and relaxing is the main focus!), but on this vacation I’ve found it very relaxing and comforting to be online for a few hours every day. We’ve been fortunate enough to have access in our hotels and in some cafes we’ve sat in. This is nice because we aren’t constantly checking our phones when we’re walking around, but we do have some dedicated time to catch up on life, and I think we’ll be feeling much less overwhelmed when we get back home!
  • The Husband is way worse at directions than I am. And I am really, really bad. We’ve gotten lost in every city that we’ve gone to thus far (on this vacation) and we cannot seem to find any sight without a very large and unplanned detour leading us through back roads… it’s all an adventure (so he keeps telling me).


Four pregnancy notes 

  • Maxi dresses are the best things ever. I mean, this was true when I wasn’t pregnant, but it’s especially true now.
  • According to the scale in our hotel room, I’ve only gained 2 lbs on this trip (so far). I reallllllly hope that number stays the same because otherwise it’s going to be an embarrassing doctor’s appointment next week.
  • Bumpy is having a field day in there lately. I think (s)he’s practicing some sort of sport, or maybe just the art of tantrum throwing. 
  • Sitting hurts my abs. A lot. I don’t know why this is or how to make it stop, but it’s becoming quite uncomfortable and I’m going to have to ask my doctor what to do about it! Shouldn’t pregnant ladies ENJOY sitting?!


Four links (that are too good not to share)

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  • The confidence gap between the sexes. (via The Atlantic)
  • How to structure your ideal workday. (via Fast Company)


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I hope you’ve been having a splendid week! 


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