Goodbye, week! I can’t say I’m sorry to see you go…

I’m going to keep this short and sweet… this week was rough for me (for a variety of reasons, pregnancy only being one of them). I truly appreciate your kind comments, though, so thank you! You’ve lifted my spirits and made me feel very not-alone.

I still managed to have some good moments this week. I went to Pure Barre three days in a row, the Husband and I (along with our church group) served dinner at a homeless shelter, I went my women’s small group, and I found time to relax. Life is good. 

I actually can’t believe that it’s already Friday and time for…

Friday Fours!

volunteering at breakthrough


Four thoughts from this week 

  • Our church group spent one evening serving the homeless at a shelter in the west part of Chicago. It was a great way to spend the night, and I will admit that I wasn’t feeling particularly well (mentally or physically), but serving others definitely improved my mood!
  • I did something brave this week (vague, I know!) and I’m very proud of myself, even though it didn’t turn out as I had hoped. I’m working towards becoming a more confident and courageous person who stands up for herself – baby steps.
  • The Husband and I are 16 episodes behind on ‘The Voice’ but we are determined to get caught up – at some point…
  • I went to Pure Barre class three days in a row and my butt is tired. I mean, the rest of me is kind of tired, too, but especially my butt. However, I feel great that I’ve been working out a bit more consistently!


Four pregnancy notes 

  • We started the Hynobabies self-study course and I love it. Absolutely love it. I have no idea if it will help in this whole birthing process, but it certainly can’t hurt. I’m also convinced that every person should listen to a ‘positive affirmation’ track (about life in general) every day.
  • My boss (male) told me that I’m getting bigger every day (I hope he’s only referring to my belly) – so it must be true!
  • A few days ago, a lady at the barre studio says, ‘oh, you’re expecting a boy?’ to which I replied, ‘we’re not sure yet!’ and she affirmed that I’m definitely having a boy. A lady at the baby store said the same thing, so I must be carrying really low.
  • I caved and bought my first (and only) pair of maternity jeans. Chicago weather is just not co-operating with my wardrobe plans! I was hoping to be in skirts and dresses by May but alas, jeans it is!


Four links (that are too good not to share)


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Featured blog(ger)

Happily Ever After blogI have a special treat for you today… If you don’t already know her, I get the pleasure of introducing you to Amanda, who writes at ‘Happily Ever After‘!

You know those blogs and bloggers who just simply make you feel good as you read along with their life? Yep, that’s Amanda. She’s a sweet (Air Force) wife and mother of one adorable little girl (Harper! – Seriously, just look at this face.) and I love reading about her adventures as a woman, wife, and mother. Following along with a woman who is so committed to her family is truly inspiring for me, and I think you’ll be encouraged, too!

I will admit, though, Amanda is way more of an ‘adult’ than I am. Just take a look at her home. Is it not totally gorgeous and put-together? I can only dream. Plus, she’s managed to incorporate green smoothies into her routine, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for forever, but I just can’t put my big girl pants on and do it. 

I’m sure you can imagine, but I will still admit, that I’ve been stalking all bloggers with children to see their pregnancy posts because I can finally relate to them and I find it super-interesting how unique each woman’s pregnancy is. Amanda definitely didn’t have an easy time of carrying her little girl, but I love how honestly she writes about her experience. Sometimes pregnancy sucks, guys (but it is always beautiful). 

Trust me on this, you will love getting to know Amanda.

So feel free to stalk follow her (and her blog!) on Bloglovin’, Twitter, PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.

* Do you want to be a featured blogger/shop owner? I have some spots (starting at $2!) available immediately.


What were the highlights of your week?!


Cheers to a great weekend and a new week coming right up!

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