The final two months.

Lately, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting on how I want to live these next two months of my life (give or take a few weeks). Now that Bumpy is right around 2 months away from making an appearance, it’s starting to become more and more real to me that ‘oh crap, I’m actually going to be a mom!’ and other related sentiments. It’s still a wee bit terrifying. 

More specifically, I’ve been trying to determine whether I should say ‘yes’ to every single plan that anyone brings up, because I know that I’ll be saying ‘no’ a LOT after Bumpy is born, or whether I should say no and conserve my energy.

To be honest, I’m simply getting tired and worn out. And we still have 8 more weeks to go (or maybe 6. or maybe 10)

This has become especially important as I look at our social calendar over the next few weeks and realize we don’t have one single night available. In June, our schedule is pretty much clear, but in May… well, we have a lot going on.

The advice I got from a girlfriend, who recently had a baby, is to do a little of both (saying yes to plans this month and declining plans next month), but to make sure I’m spending enough alone time with the Husband. 

I loved this advice! But it still didn’t necessarily help me to figure out my ever-overflowing social calendar over the next few weeks.

7 months pregnant baby bump

I’m finally wearing maternity clothes! (And feeling quite comfy).

This is what I’ve decided so far:

  • I will continue going to church groups and church and nurturing my spiritual self in every way possible.
  • I will get to sleep before midnight every single night. Anything that doesn’t happen before midnight will just not be happening that day.
  • I will read a lot, because I love reading. (Even if it is all pregnancy and baby books lately)
  • I will continue to make an effort to connect with friends, both near and far.
  • I will (try very hard) not to focus on negativity, or to allow it to steal my time away. (This includes feelings of guilt for not doing enough or eating right or exercising enough or exercising too much… the list goes on!)
  • I will allow people to do things for me if I really can’t do them myself. But I’ll let the Husband do as much for me as possible, even if I totally can do it myself. Ice cream just tastes better when someone else scoops it! 
  • I will take advantage of unplanned time and use it to relax and spend quality time with the Husband.
  • I will love my body every second and spend as much time as I can enjoying little baby kicks and punches. I will (try hard) not get frustrated when imy body doesn’t move as I want it to or fit into the clothing it once did.
  • I will try especially hard to eat my fruits and veggies every single day.
  • I will dress comfortably.
  • I will go slowly through life and savor the moments in between events, instead of racing from one thing to the next.
  • I will surround myself with supportive people and appreciate these friendships.
  • I will (at some point) start to put together the nursery so I have one less thing to worry about in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
  • I will continue to journal and write in my Belly Book so that I can look back fondly on this time in my life and remember the details that seem so obvious now.
  • I will go to the dentist and eye doctor and all those pesky appointments that I usually try to put off as long as possible.

I’m sure there should be more things on this list, but you get the main idea. I’m going to try very hard to take life (calmly) one day at a time. I’m going to attempt to embrace each moment and enjoy it for what it is, instead of constantly organizing future plans and a never-ending to-do list. And I’m going to stop juggling 80 things at once and instead focus on what my mind and body actually wants to be doing at any given time – which may simply be to rest.

two martinis blog husband

If you need me, I’ll be hanging out with this handsome man!


How are you other (pregnant) ladies handling the last few months or pregnancy?! Or do any moms have advice on things you wish you had or hadn’t done the last few months?



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