My heart has been happy these last few weeks.

Life is made up of so many little moments/events that I’m awful at recording (both online and in my ‘real’ journal) but I don’t want to forget. I keep realizing that time is passing by quickly and we’ve been busy making memories and I want to sit back and be able to enjoy them, too!

two martinis mothers day 2014

Mothers Day 2014 – we spent the day with my brothers.

Here are some happenings from the last few weeks:

//  My best friend came into town to celebrate her engagement and brought her 5 year old son, Michael with her. Michael was quite excited to learn there was a baby in my belly and expressed his excitement by hitting ‘the baby’ (or me, really) and yelling ‘BABY!’ I think Bumpy appreciated his enthusiasm, but we’ll work on being more gentle once Bumpy is actually born. It was so sweet, though.

//  We thought my best friend’s (new) car broke down in the parking garage, since when we got in the car would barely start and definitely wouldn’t move. Since it was a brand new car, we were quite concerned! It turns out, she had just run out of gas… whoops! (Blonde moment.) Thank goodness it happened in a parking garage and not on the streets of Chicago!

//  We ate pizza with two of my best friends from high school who were in town from Milwaukee and St Louis and it’s just even more special getting together, the older we get! Plus, the pizza was delicious.

//  Bumpy is starting to kick/punch HARD. Like, his/her movements actually wake me up now, and I’m not a light sleeper! I love waking up to feel him/her rockin’ and rollin’ in there.

//  We spent Mothers Day with my mom and brothers and it was a lovely day all around. 

//  I received my first few Mothers Day cards and flowers! I felt quite special indeed, even though I don’t feel like a legit mom yet… I’m more like a mom-in-training.

// My small group discussed what it means to follow the ‘golden rule’ and to treat others as you would want to be treated. It’s always a good reminder that we are to live like that.

//  The Husband and I went to a partner prenatal yoga class. The Husband is many things… but he is not flexible nor relaxed and it turns out he doesn’t follow directions all that well. (OK, that part I knew.) Lord help us once we get into that labor and delivery room.

//  Speaking of which, we went to our first labor and delivery class and loved it. I feel so empowered every time I speak to someone, or listen to someone speak, about natural birth and all of our options. We still have lots of questions, but luckily we have three more classes to get them answered in!

//  The Husband and I have spent more time relaxing and cuddling and watching TV and talking about life and it’s truly been making my heart super happy to have that time with him. I’ve been very intentional about NOT doing things like a mad-woman and pausing between activities to enjoy life for what it is at that moment.

//  A friend in our small group mentioned that (almost) all stress is caused by dwelling on the past or attempting to anticipate the future. Of course, I knew this and have heard it before, but what a great reminder of how not to live, right?

//  The trees have bloomed in Chicago. And some of the flowers, as well. It’s a pretty, pretty city to be in right now.

//  And the temperatures have been above 70 fairly consistently over the past few weeks and that has been amazing. We’ve taught Oz to use his doggy door and he is a happy little camper, running in and out all day long (until we get annoyed and just shut the glass door… but until we do that, he’s happy!)

//  We got together with our good friends and their little one (7 months old!) and while she was over she attempted to crawl – for the first time ever! – to reach Ozzie’s toy. It was adorable.

//  We’ve been watching Blackhawks playoff hockey, and per usual, it’s been an exciting series! 

//  We spent the day before Mothers Day with the Husband’s parents and went out to brunch in the suburbs, which was a nice way to spend a day! It’s always a treat to spend time ‘alone’ with the parents, since usually there’s a sibling or two or extended family member around!

//  We’ve enjoyed some lovely dinners out with friends at some of our favorite places around the city. It’s been nice to spend the time catching up with other couples and their lives.


What have you been up to lately that’s made your heart extra-happy?



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