Let’s wrap this week up, shall we?!

I had a wonderful week. The work days went by slowly, but the nights made it all worthwhile. Church groups, labor and delivery class, some quality time with my main man (Ozzie, that is – the Husband has been busy working!) were all exactly what my heart needed. 

My highlight of the week was seeing these two lovely ladies (and little Michael, of course!) These are two of my best friends from high school who came into town to celebrate Maria’s engagement! Good friends are such a blessing. And it’s a bonus when we all decide to wear pink.


Four thoughts from this week 

  • I do not understand how a single package of anything can be more than one serving. For instance, I ate a package of two cookies. Then I read the nutritional facts and it said it was two servings – say what?! One cookie is NOT one serving in my book.
  • I wish ‘rain delay’ was a thing with work. I mean, it works for baseball games, can’t it apply to my morning commute?!
  • Another confession I forgot to add to this post: I always get confused when I see photos (via bloggers on Instagram) of computers on desks. Doesn’t everyone blog from their bed or the couch?


Four pregnancy notes 

  • Evidently everyone is a “doctor” once you start showing. A lady working at the lunch counter I frequent told me I’m huge for 32 weeks (“no offense!”). Her friend said I was small. I just smiled and left. 
  • We started our labor and delivery classes at Mother Me, and I’m very happy we picked a place that is not a hospital for these classes (and if you’re pregnant and live in Chicago, I strongly advise you look into this place!) We have 4 weeks of 3 hour classes and I’m truly feeling excited and empowered already.
  • I’m feeling a bit larger and a bit more uncomfortable every day – but I think that’s going to be the new normal so I’m trying to accept it and continue on with life!
  • I’m trying to eat more healthy, I really, really am. So far it’s working!


Four links (that are too good not to share)


Four posts (of mine) you may have missed

  • The final two months. (Mon)
  • Oh social media, I just love to hate you. (Tues)
  • (Not-so-deep) blogging ‘confessions’. (Wed)
  • Challenges/tips on traveling in the third trimester. (Thurs)


Featured blog(ger)

a beautiful little adventure blog

Guys, if you don’t already know her, let me introduce you to the lovely Katie, who blogs at ‘A Beautiful Little Adventure‘! I’m so excited to make this introduction, because I think know you’ll really enjoy reading Katie’s heartfelt posts.

I think Katie should tell you about herself in her own words because she writes more beautifully than I ever could, but to sum it up – Katie is a newlywed (although it’s been almost a year!) who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and her dog. Upon a bit of stalking (on my part) it also appears that last June she wore the most beautiful wedding dress ever. Swoon.

If you read no other post today, read this one on being ‘too much’. I don’t know how I missed it when Katie posted it originally (a few weeks ago) but it is amazing and will give you something to think about the rest of today. OK, if you have time to read one additional post, read this one on NOT apologizing, too.

Obviously, Katie has a wonderful way of posting ‘deep’ posts so that they’re easy to read and really get me to think. Plus, her positive nature and optimism can’t help but shine through her posts to her readers, which I really admire! Even her post on her college major (English) was thought-provoking! If I wrote a post on accounting and finance… well, the results would not be the same.

In honor of Mothers Day, I’ll leave you with this post on advice from Katie’s mom. So freakin’ sweet.

Trust me on this, once you start reading Katie’s posts, you won’t be able to stop. She’s that good.

Of course, feel free to stalk follow her (and her blog!) on Bloglovin‘, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

* Do you want to be a featured blogger/shop owner? I have some spots (starting at $2!) available immediately.

 I hope you all had a wonderful week!


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