Friday Fours and a Giveaway to start your weekend off right!

Another week in the books! This one was filled with great discussions with friends in my/our church group(s); eating too many cupcakes; celebrating Bumpy (yep, it never ends!); drinking tea; walking in the rain; going to a few different appointments; spending time on Skype to catch up with one of my favorite people; reading; writing in my journal; and taking the time to enjoy the moments. I have caught myself resisting the urge to rush around, and instead walking slowly through the week. I take my time getting ready, I take my time getting to work, and I take my time transitioning between things to do. It’s a wonderful feeling to not rush through this life!

Bumpy and I (and Tim) have had five different showers/events to celebrate this new life! I feel beyond blessed.

Four thoughts from this week 

  • I’m not sure I’m going to be able to survive a Chicago summer without central a/c. Our window air conditioning unit wasn’t working one night this week and I seriously woke up every hour, because I was so super uncomfortable. Of course, that led to me chugging water and then waking up because I had to pee… I really hope we figure out a better system!
  • I thought this week was going by so quickly until a few days ago when I realized it was actually Wednesday and not Thursday. Whoops.
  • I really, really love rainy summer days. When I was little, my brother and I used to run outside in our PJs to play in puddles. I would love to recreate that, except I live in Chicago instead of rural Massachusetts and if there are puddles it’s probably in a (possibly rat infested) pot hole. Charming image, right?
  • I feel a bit guilty that I haven’t been following the World Cup at all. Especially since the USA made it past the first round! Usually I will go out of my way to watch big sporting events, but I just haven’t been feeling it. I promise, I’ll get on board soon.


Four pregnancy notes 

  • My belly now sits on my lap. It’s a strange, strange feeling.
  • This week my coworkers threw a little shower for me and my two pregnant coworkers – it was so incredibly sweet of them. And that concludes all of our baby showers, big and small!
  • I gained 2 lbs between my 37 and 38 week appointments – yikes! I’m not sure if it’s water retention or cupcakes, but I don’t like it. I’m only up 29 lbs, but I’d really prefer not to go any higher than that.
  • Friends and family members have started to text me to see how I’m feeling… which is basically a way of asking if I’m going to be in labor anytime soon! I don’t mind it so far, but if they have to wait a full four more weeks, it’s going to be a frustrating time for all of us.


Four links (that are too good not to share)


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  • A transitional Father’s Day (Tues
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Featured store

Today is an especially happy (Fri)day because it involves a little something you can win from Red Buffalo Trading! Corlie has some truly unique products that I absolutely love love love (her gift to Bumpy is proudly displayed on our shelf!) and I think you’ll find her handmade, unique items to be too special to pass up. But I’ll let her tell you a little more about it in her own words.

“Four years ago as I was watching a Hmong woman weave scarves on an old wooden loom in a village amongst the rice fields of Northwestern Vietnam, the idea for starting Red Buffalo Trading began to form. I bought a scarf from her as she finished it and right then I knew I had to keep traveling to places with people who could create such beauty. It was not only the spell binding process of watching her work threads of cotton into intricate patterns with nothing more than a picture in her imagination that fascinated me. It was also the stories behind the patterns that she was creating that captured me for life. 

Since that day I have been steadily collecting handcrafted textiles as we travel whilst learning as much of their history as I can. Sometimes my husband collects them for me on his work trips to far away villages where women and men still walk around half-naked in the tropical heat of Southeast Asia. My cupboards are filled with jewelry and textile art that have been hand carved, dyed, embroidered or woven in the same fashion as they have been for centuries past.

I now use these pieces of textile art I have been collecting to design and create handbags that are as unique as you are. Each bag is made with care and love to ensure that you get a product which will truly be a work of art, and each bag carries with it a story to awaken your wanderlust.”

Red Buffalo Trading – awaken your wanderlust.

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