I’m feeling a bit one-dimensional.

Here’s the thing: it’s getting harder to write blog posts that are not completely pregnancy-centric, so I’m just going to put that out there and hope you (as a reader) will be understanding of that until this baby falls out of my vagina.

It’s not that I’m not trying. Sometimes I really think I could write about something other than this baby-in-my-belly, but the thing is, it’s like I cannot mentally nor physically write a full blog post without it becoming about Bumpy. And I’m okay with that, at this point in time. 

38 weeks pregnant baby bump

I wrote a bit about this last week, but being a woman in the last few weeks of pregnancy is quite distracting. 

I wake up and can’t rollover. Sometimes my ribs are aching already. And I’m starving and have to pee even though I already peed twice overnight.

And then I have to scour my closet for something to wear but nothing looks good and it’s really rather annoying. I only wear sports bras at this point, because nothing else fits and is comfortable. Sometimes I do wear a strapless bra, but getting out of that thing as soon as I walk in the door is one of the best parts of my day.

I no longer really want to go into the office anymore, so I don’t think I will. Thankfully, I have a job in which I can work from home. This, obviously, means that my social interactions are a bit limited. 

When I do venture out of the house, it’s painfully obvious to everyone around me that I’m pregnant, so of course there are always people commenting on it. I love this, and no one has been really rude yet, so it’s not an issue.

When I eat lunch/a snack/dinner I feel immediate guilt that it wasn’t as healthy as it could be. Bumpy is craving everything sweet in the world and I’m doing my best to not restrict myself, but to also not completely over-indulge. Some days I’m more successful than others.

I can’t work out anymore. I mean, I’m sure I could, but I don’t. Tim and I take walks. I watch a few pregnancy workout videos on YouTube and try to follow along. I do push-ups against the bathroom counter and I do squats occasionally, when I think of it. Sometimes I do Kegels. But working out as I used to know it has not been happening.

If I drop something on the ground, it stays there. 

I can’t be on my feet for an extended period of time without really feeling like I want to sit down. But I also can’t sit down for long periods of time. And I can’t lie down for long, either. Basically, nothing is comfortable, but I do enjoy spending time on my yoga ball.

I plan my schedule around going to the doctor every week. And the acupuncturist. 

I continue to pass by the finished nursery in our small apartment and it makes my heart happy, but I’m also aware of how empty the nursery still is without Bumpy occupying some space in it.

Every time I look into the mirror, a very pregnant woman is looking back. 

When I walk, I feel like I should be correcting my posture to suck my belly in. This belly is not getting sucked in, though! It feels awkward to walk around with my belly completely and totally leading the way.

I’m sitting around waiting for my water to break or my mucous plug to fall out or for Bumpy to drop or for contractions to begin getting painful… and if I forget that I’m waiting for any of these things, someone (mainly my mother!) is texting me to find out whether or not I’m in labor at any given time.

Life stress has all taken a backseat to pregnancy stress. I’m much more concerned about whether I feel this baby kicking each day than any other thing in this world.

When I have free time, I’m reading about pregnancy/newborn care. I’m looking through pregnancy boards online (not recommended, but still highly entertaining). I’m reading for fun and watching TV shows uninterrupted, for hours at a time. I’m doing self-hypnosis for labor and delivery and I’m visualizing what that day will be like, since the mind is a powerful thing.

Tim and I rarely talk about anything non-baby related. We still discuss work, family, friends, current events, religion and sports, but mainly we talk about Bumpy. We talk about the pros and cons of circumcision, we talk about everything we’ve learned about pregnancy and l&d, we discuss newborn care and what life will be like in just a few weeks, and we look at all of the baby stuff in our apartment and wonder how the heck we’ll know what we’re doing. 

Every morning we wake up and both rest our hands on my tummy, and we fall asleep the same way at night. It’s in those moments that I truly feel connected. Usually Oz is cuddling with one of us, so we include him in our little family cuddle time.

So you see, I’m more than a little distracted about this whole baby thing, and I just can’t help it and I’m not the least bit sorry about it. My life is truly in a transitional place right now and I have no idea what it will look like in about a month or so. I’m assuming I will be sleep deprived and fascinated by all things baby. But who knows?! 

That’s where my brain is at right now. This doesn’t mean I don’t care what’s going on in the world around me and in the lives of others, but it does mean that when people ask me personally what I’m up to, I’m fairly narrowly focused – and so is my blog for the time being!

Feel free to send positive baby thoughts my way for the next few weeks or so, because I’d love Bumpy to make an appearance sooner than later now that we’re full-term!

In other news, the lovely Brittany and I are hosting a link-up on Wednesday (it’s my very first one ever) so write it in your planners and join us! The theme is ‘It’s a good day when…’ and then just finish the sentence. Easy, right? For example, some of mine might be:

  • It’s a good day when I wake up before my alarm clock goes off.
  • It’s a good day when I catch the bus by just a few minutes and there’s an available seat for me to sit down in.
  • It’s a good day when my boss is out of the office.
  • It’s a good day when my husband makes me dinner.

You get the idea?! Good, we hope you join us on Wednesday!

Two Martinis

Cheers to a new week and the infinite possibilities it brings!

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