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Midweek thoughts. (I’m tempted to call them ‘confessions’ but I’m not sure they’re that juicy.)

If we were to grab coffee for 30 minutes, this is what I’d spend my portion of our conversation telling you: | I’m so glad Tim is mainly responsible for sleep training Clara. I can listen to her crying only … Continue reading

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Feeling some (messy) things, thinking some (messy) things.

It’s so easy to think of things that aren’t going well at any given moment.  I will be the first to admit that I get lost in my thoughts of what I want to improve and how I want to … Continue reading

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100 days of motherhood – what I’m thinking.

Tomorrow is Thursday!  (Confession: I just wrote ‘Tomorrow is almost Thursday’ and then I realized that tomorrow is actually Thursday and that makes the week seem like it’s going even faster! Did that make sense to anyone other than me or … Continue reading

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Things that are in my head and on my heart.

Sometimes I think that I focus on too many ‘small’ things and not enough ‘big’ things on my blog and on social media. I tend to do more writing about my own life and less on my opinions about what … Continue reading

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I often wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

Motherhood is a strange thing. I feel like myself, but different somehow. In the beginning it was possible to have moments where I’d kind of forget I was a mom. Like when Clara would sleep for four hours straight and … Continue reading

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