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Why We Decided To Hire An Au Pair

About a year ago, I barely knew what an au pair was, and I definitely didn’t understand anything about the au pair program. And then Tim started talking to coworkers and hearing about their au pairs. At the same time, … Continue reading

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Being a Mom + Enneagram Type 7

I received a comment the other day and (per usual) I had so much to say about it I decided to answer it in a post! Here was the reader comment: “…I just found your blog while googling “how to … Continue reading

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The transition from two to three kids

One of the most asked questions of my life is, “how is it going with three kids?” This question is usually followed by, “…because we’re thinking of having another one but I’m not sure…” To which I respond, “well, are … Continue reading

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Postpartum advice for the first 21 days

Spend 7 days in bed. Spend 7 days on bed. Spend 7 days near bed. This is advice I most definitely did not follow after the births of my first two daughters, but this time around I took it to heart! I … Continue reading

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How we decided on Phoebe’s name (and other names we considered)

Thinking of a baby name was hard. Especially since we didn’t know whether we were expecting a boy or a girl, so we had to think of two different names for our little nugget. So much pressure! Five years ago, … Continue reading

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