100 days of motherhood – what I’m thinking.

Tomorrow is Thursday! 

(Confession: I just wrote ‘Tomorrow is almost Thursday’ and then I realized that tomorrow is actually Thursday and that makes the week seem like it’s going even faster! Did that make sense to anyone other than me or is the sleep deprivation talking?! Also, I’m writing this at 11pm so I’m really cutting it close here…)

I’ve been a mom for over 100 days now. Not that I’m counting, but I do have a counter going and it says I’ve been a mom for 101 days. I seriously can’t believe it.

I’m not ‘grown-up enough’ to have a kid, right?! How did I even get to this point?! Sometimes I honestly feel like my life has been going by in a blink of an eye. 

People say time goes by faster when you have kids, and I know I’m no expert, but this seems to be 100% the case.

Now, onto the point of this post (there is a point, I think).

I wanted to share some of my current ‘mom’ thoughts.

//  A whining child is not my favorite alarm clock, but it’s my alarm clock every day. I seriously never, ever set my (phone) actual alarm clock anymore.

//  Even when Clara cries, I ALWAYS try to smile at her, especially with my eyes. I don’t want her to feel for even a second that she frustrates me. I know that she’s a baby and is just trying to communicate. When she’s smart enough to willfully irritate me, it will be a different story!

//  Clara wakes up around 6-7am and goes to bed around 8pm – that’s a 14 hour day with her and that feels LONG.

//  Clara also wakes up around 2am and 5am to eat at night, so the maximum amount of sleep I get at once is about 4 hours. I used to get 6.5 (of sleep) hours straight when she was a newborn, but somehow the earlier bedtime has set her back a bit.

//  I love her more and more each and every day, which means the day of her birth was the day I loved her LEAST, and I still loved her a ton. It’s really an amazing thing.

//  When Clara smiles and laughs at me, I honestly believe that nothing else in the world matters at that moment.

//  I’ve been feeling more empowered as a mom lately. Clara and I leave the house to meet up with friends and go on walks and run errands, and I’m really enjoying it. We also go to moms groups and workout classes and a mom church group… we’re busy ladies!

//  Clara has been rolling from her back to her stomach, but she hates being on her stomach so then she cries and I have to roll her back over… It’s kind of amazing and also a bit frustrating. 

//  But just today she rolled from her stomach to her back, so she might be on the verge of becoming a little more self-reliant in this small way.

//  Clara was born with enough hair to put a bow in, and it’s the thing we get comments on ALL OF THE TIME. Everyone is obsessed with how much hair she has. 

//  We’re finally on a ‘routine’ in which Clara eats and sleeps every 2 or so hours. Her naps and feedings are about 30 minutes long (well, sometimes she only eats for 10 min) and so our day is pretty packed even if we stay at home. 

//  Being a stay at home mom is HARD. I’ll talk write more about this later.

//  We’re moving into our 6 month size clothing. This makes me want to cry and it also is making her closest very crowded, since I refuse to pack up the 0-3 month clothes until I absolutely cannot button them anymore.

//  I really don’t know what’s happened to my squishy newborn, I see newborns now and honestly don’t remember Clara ever being that small, even when I look back at pictures of her from just 2 months ago. 

It’s amazing how many mom/baby related things I think about every day. Motherhood has brought so many changes to my body and mind and life. I’ve grown a lot (as a mother) in the past 100 days. I used to be afraid to leave the house because I was afraid she’d wake up and cry… now I’m totally comfortable with my abilities to soothe her wherever we are. I’ve never been a big believer in trying to get Clara on a schedule, but she’s fallen into a schedule that works for us, with no extra effort on our part. I feel like Tim and I are more calm (as parents) than I ever thought we’d be, and I really, truly enjoy being a mom to this little girl. She’s a true joy and is quite the happy little addition to our family.


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