Thoughts from the end of the third trimester.

Do you know what I’ve realized over the last few weeks? That trimesters in pregnancy don’t really make sense.

I mean, okay, the first trimester makes sense. It’s filled with nausea and fatigue and mainly feelings of sickness.

The second trimester is also pretty clear because it’s a magical time in which the baby bump is cute and fatigue doesn’t really exist, nor does nausea and basically it’s just a time of wonderfulness that should be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

But the third trimester… I mean, it should really be split into three separate phases, in my humble opinion. The first phase is pretty much like slightly harder version of the second trimester… up until 37 weeks. Then the next three weeks are filled with last minute preparations (that may turn out to not be all that last minute after all) and thoughts of labor and delivery and all things birth-related.

The third phase is the phase I’m in now. The ‘okay we made it to 40 weeks and that’s great and all but why are you still in there?!‘ phase. This post is not about that phase, though. It’s about the second phase of the third trimester, and what I’ve been thinking about the last few weeks.

If you want to see what I was thinking about up until 37 weeks, you can check that out here.

Thoughts from the end of the third trimester of pregnancy.


//  I seriously cannot even begin to start shaving my vagina without the help of a mirror and/or Tim acting as assistant. And I refuse, REFUSE to simply not shave it or get it waxed. This is becoming quite an issue.

//  Seriously, Bumpy cannot grow 2 more lbs (is what I thought at 36 weeks). I just can’t stretch anymore, I can’t do it. Strangely, I don’t feel stretched at all (I thought it’d be more skin pain than anything else) but I look stretched and that’s bad enough.

//  Baby showers. I’m so, so thankful for baby showers. Speaking of which, I think the reason people have them earlier in pregnancy is so that the baby stuff can get organized sooner. NOTED.

//  I cannot sit in this office chair one more day. Not one more hour. I hate sitting!

//  Evening Primrose Oil… to take orally or vaginally?! Let’s go with both. This cervix will be soft, darnit! (I started taking this at 37 weeks).

//  I love going to the doctor every single week. Yes, it’s a pain to drive out there all of the time, but I find it so reassuring to know that Bumpy is doing just fine in there! I mean, I kind of figure (s)he is because the action against my rib cage is never-ending, but I’m glad someone else agrees with me.

//  Heartburn? Had that for two days. Hemorrhoids? Had that for two days. Swelling? A few hours. OK, body, I hear ya, you’re ready to eject this baby. 

//  What in the world is a crotchless swimsuit and why is it on my list of things to bring to the hospital? I mean, I understand bringing a swimsuit for the shower, but can’t I just have a regular swimsuit and choose not to wear the bottoms? I’m not cutting a hole in a one piece, that’s for sure!

//  I’m so, so thankful that Bumpy and I have experienced the last 39+ weeks together. It’s been a time like none other in my life and I’ve never been happier. (Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I absolutely loved being pregnant and wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world. My heart truly goes out to women who want to experience this and cannot and I recognize that the experience of being pregnant is a tremendous blessing.)

//  I’m tired of picking out an outfit to wear each day. And I’m tired of wearing the same 5 outfits over and over. Life is hard, guys.

//  I really thought that weight gain from pregnancy wouldn’t bother me. I started at 104 lbs. I was still okay when I saw the scale reach 120 lbs. Then when the scale hit 130 lbs, I thought I might cry. It’s seriously the weirdest thing to not be eating any differently and seeing the numbers on the scale climb and climb at about a lb (or more) per week. Yes, I’m in a very healthy range and I’m grateful that I’m healthy, and I don’t think I look bad at all, but I’m not used to carrying around all of this extra weight and it’s tough! As of 37 weeks I officially had gained an extra 30% of my pre-pregnancy weight, which is quite the increase!

//  I now wake up 1-2 times per night to pee, which hadn’t been an issue all pregnancy. I don’t mind it, but I don’t know how women who have to wake up 4-6 times to go to the bathroom! I guess it’s better training for when the baby gets here…

//  I feel like I should be working out or being more active or something, but I don’t have the time nor the energy and I’m also trying not to feel guilty about this. I feel like I’m the most unhealthy I’ve ever been at a time I should be the MOST healthy I’ve ever been!

//  My belly button is out but since it’s so small, it really just looks flat. I’m actually thankful for this.

//  Every week they make me pee in a cup at the doctor’s office, and every week it gets a bit harder. I can’t explain it, but my aim is just off and it’s just not as easy or straight-forward as it used to  be.

//  I could wake up one morning, start my normal routine, and end up HAVING A BABY that very day. This thought is mind-blowing. Every other major life event I’ve over-prepared for. Even meeting my husband… first we talked online, then on the phone, then we set up a date… This first meeting with Bumpy will be quite the surprise!

//  I wish people would stop texting me to ask how I’m doing when really they’re just checking to see if I’m in labor. Get more creative, people! Of course, if people are really just generally wondering how I’m holding up, then this question is fine.

//  A lady in the elevator told me I didn’t look like I had dropped yet (at exactly 39 weeks) and I wanted to cry. Oh hey, hormones.

//  It’s hard to walk but they (doctors, the internet, everyone) keep saying walking is good for me.

//  Are people seriously suggesting I get induced before I’m even 40 weeks pregnant just so I can meet the baby sooner?! I’ll have this child my whole life, people, we are not in that big of rush to meet him/her before (s)he is ready. Ughhhhh when people suggest induction (for me) for non-medical reasons it makes me a bit crazy.

//  OH THE RIB PAIN. Every once in a while I wake up at 4am and can’t go back to sleep just because my ribs hurt so bad I can no longer get comfortable in bed. Short-pregnant-woman problems.

//  At 39 weeks when my midwife told me that Bumpy hadn’t dropped at all, I cried on the way home from the hospital. Yes, I knew it didn’t mean anything, but it was at that point I started to doubt my body could prepare for this whole childbirth thing by itself.

And that just about sums up what I’ve been thinking about up until my due date, which was three days ago, for all you who are counting. And here I am, 40 weeks and three days pregnant and still just hanging out, carrying around a full-term baby!

I hope you’re having a most-excellent (holiday) weekend.


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