This may seem like a Sunday post, but it’s actually a Friday post.

*I had the best intentions to write a post on Friday, but then we had a fun family day and I never got the chance to write/publish. SO, I’m writing a belated Friday post on Sunday! Better late than never, right?*

This past week was a good one. Clara and I started a new mom/baby workout class, we got together with some women and their babies (all around Clara’s age) from our New Moms Group, we went to our moms’ church group, and we had a good sleep week… it was super-busy, actually! The entire week flew by. It helps that I’m feeling better and better about being out and about with Clara. I think the more I go out, the easier it becomes! It’s never a quick process, but it’s always worth it. I absolutely can’t stand sitting in our house all day, so I’m glad we’ve found activities to keep ourselves occupied (and sane)!

In summary…

Someone is getting ready for her first Halloween! I like to think she’s more excited than she looks.


(This Week) I’ve Learned:

  • Silicon Valley monopolies are costing us more than I ever thought about. (here)
  • There is a big difference between facts and stories – especially when it comes to America’s handling of Ebola. (here
  • The average commute takes 50 minutes and the annual cost of traffic congestion in the United States is $124 billion. (here)
  • Six more states recognize same sex marriage! (here)


(This Week) Clara

… learned to roll from her stomach to her back.

… started sleeping (unswaddled) in her crib at night.

… accompanied us to a nice restaurant and didn’t make a peep.

… made her second trip to the Botanic Gardens.

… slept much better than the week before… 7.5 hours at a time, phew!


(This Week) I Wrote:

  • A weekend recap (Mon)
  • Thoughts on motherhood, now that I’m 100 days in. (Wed)
  • Some advice to pregnant ladies. (Thurs)


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