The danger of ‘fluff’ in carseats. (The most important article I’ve read in months.)

If you’re a mom (or soon-to-be-mom) of an infant I advise you to read this article.

About 50% of the moms in my various moms’ groups are using carseat blankets/sleeping bags/etc incorrectly, and have been talking about this article with a bit of confusion/disbelief, not knowing they had been using these blankets incorrectly and potentially dangerously.
Not that I’m trying to scare anyone, I just didn’t know that certain blankets are only to be used with strollers and not in the car, even though it’s the same carrier for both, in many/most cases, so I’m glad someone shared this article with me! 
The article is long, but if you skim it you’ll get the general idea. Basically, if you’re using any sort of blanket that goes behind the baby, so it sits between the baby and the carseat, even if the carrier’s straps fit through the blanket and can be secured, this is considered dangerous in the car. 
It turns out the blanket we were using in the fall was probably considered potentially hazardous, even though it was thin. I had no idea, even though it makes sense, of course.

See how this blanket goes behind her head? This would be considered unsafe for use in the car, although we could use it in the carrier when we’re walking in her stroller.
If you want a recommendation for how to keep your baby warm in the winter, the article has all sorts of suggestions. The blanket/cover we use for winter is one that I’m obsessed with and it’s also mentioned in the article. It’s made by Jolly Jumper and I’m constantly getting asked where I got it by other moms frustrated with their various covers. Of course, I got it on Amazon, because that’s where I get everything, but I’m sure it’s sold in ‘regular’ baby stores.
OK, that’s my PSA for the day! Keep those babies warm and safe this holiday/winter season! 

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