Thinking of topics is not the most challenging aspect of blogging (for me).

There are a few things I think we can all (if you write a blog) agree are challenging about blogging. This ‘list’ might include:

  • Thinking of prompts.
  • Finding the time to actually write cohesive thoughts into a post.
  • Formatting/HTML/etc.
  • Running sponsorship programs that are beneficial for both you and the other party.
  • Keeping up with social media. (I’ve pretty much given up on being ‘good’ at this. Sigh. But that’s an entirely different topic)
  • Editing pictures. 
  • And of course remembering to actually take pictures – preferably on something other than a cell phone.
  • Promoting posts.
  • Living an interesting/attractive enough life to warrant blog posts.
  • Deciding what to post online, keeping privacy in mind.
Did I miss anything obvious?

Well, I can think of something that should be added to that list for me, personally. 
I find that the most difficult part of blogging can be the accountability factor. 
You see, when I write something down (about myself and/or my opinions) and publish it for all the internet to read (if they should choose to), that’s pretty serious! That’s taking a stance on something or writing about myself in a way that can never really, fully be retracted at a later time. Sure, I could write a separate post that states a different opinion, and I can always delete the post and/or the entire blog at a later date (although, does anything really disappear from the internet?) but someone could conceivably read just one post that I’ve written and make a flash judgement about me as a person, and I want that judgement to be based on truth (and preferably to be positive in nature!). That’s why I think consistency is so important.
Before I write a post I like to think about what the post says about my character.
I like to think if the post benefits absolutely anyone by me publishing it.
I try to reflect on whether people who know me in real life would see me shining through my posts or if I’m writing about myself as a character instead of using my ‘true’ voice.
And I like to consider whether my post is consistent with other posts I’ve written.
This also holds true for things I write on social media. I have a dry sense of humor, so when I tweet about something, I try to remember that readers may think of me as being negative instead of light-hearted – it’s so difficult to convey tone on the internet! I don’t go through my days as a negative person – the opposite is true, actually – but sometimes I read through what I’ve written on my blog and social media and realize that the things I chose to highlight were not what I spent my time truly focusing on. 
So that’s what I consider to be the hardest aspect of blogging. I think it’s difficult to put myself out there in my posts and reflect an accurate and consistent portrait of who I am, and then continue to reflect that same message. Generally, I think that truth is the easiest way to do this, but since I cannot write and tweet and Instagram each and every part of my day (which would paint a complete picture), I need to choose certain parts of myself to share and make sure I like the incomplete sketch of my life it displays.

What do you think is the most difficult aspect of blogging / having a social media presence?


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