What should I keep?! (Stitch Fix decision-making)

Confession: I tried Stitch Fix at this time last year and never did a blog post about it. How un-blogger of me, right?! I was in the third trimester of pregnancy and requested clothes that I could wear to Europe on our babymoon, and my stylist came through and then some. But, I didn’t really feel like modeling non-maternity clothes in my very-pregnant state, so I never did a review. Suffice it to say that I kept all five pieces and then wore them all over Europe. I may still show off the outfits on this blog at some point (famous last words), but if you follow me on Instagram, trust me, you’ve seen them.

Now that my body has kind of returned to normal (almost), I decided to order Stitch Fix again. Honestly, I was kind of nervous because I had such a good experience the first time and didn’t want to have too high of expectations this time.

Well, I got the box the day after my birthday (my birthday present surprise to myself!) and tried on the clothes and… gosh, I just can’t decide. I kind of sort of love them all.

This is where you come in, girlfriends. What do you think I should do?!

Initial thoughts:

I don’t have anything like these blouses in my closet! Yay! I also would never have picked these blouses out for myself, since I actually shy away from loose and light articles of clothing. Crazy, right?

1 // I love the color. Does it look too short in the front? My boobs got a bit bigger with this whole breastfeeding thing so shirts kind of fit me a bit different now.

2 // This was the item in the box that was definitely in my comfort zone. Is it unique and cute enough to keep? I always love black and white clothes.

3 // This blouse is not in my comfort zone and is something I would never, ever have picked out for myself… which is why I really liked receiving it in this box! I’m really trying to expand my horizons with what I wear… is this actually cute?

4 // I think this blouse screams ‘spring’ with its color. I also think it’s flirty and girly Is it too young looking? I mean, I am 29 now (wink).

5 // The pants I received in this box are what I’m wearing in each picture. I’m keeping them and wearing them forever – they’re so comfy and they’re petite ankle pants that I don’t even need to have altered! When I tried these on I became convinced Stitch Fix is magical. How did they send me pants that fit perfectly when I can’t even find pants that fit in stores?!

Final thoughts:

If I had a huge closet and a lot more money, I’d be ordering Stitch Fix monthly – I truly love trying on the clothes, especially ones that I wouldn’t normally try on. I’m especially excited that they now offer petite sizes andΒ maternity clothes! Where was that a year ago?! I would have been all over it.

For the second time, I think the stylist did an awesome job with what she put in my box. The only thing I’m not certain about is whether these blouses are too similar. I actually can’t pick a favorite! Maybe #1? Tim says I should just keep them all… which is how I know I married the right man.

Help a girl out, what do you think!? Which should I keep?


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17 Responses to What should I keep?! (Stitch Fix decision-making)

  1. Amberly says:

    I love them all on you #1 is my absolutely favorite and I love #4 as well πŸ™‚ And those pants do look good, from what I can see. I keep thinking I need to try this box, but when I was going to, I got pregnant, so I’ll wait. It will be good anyway because I think post pregnancy I’m going to need a lot of new things πŸ˜›

  2. Oooh, all of them look so good! πŸ™‚ I’m kind of obsessed with #1 and #2 πŸ™‚ They really did a great job!

  3. Chelsea says:

    #1 is my favorite..it looks so good on you!

  4. Robyn Black says:

    i love #3! it’s super cute!

  5. I really like #1 or #2! Well fitting pants are basically the best thing ever!!

    My next fix is scheduled for next week- I gave up shopping for Lent, so decided to reward myself at the end of it πŸ™‚

  6. Rachel Lynn says:

    Ahhh I love all of these, they are all super cute on you! #2 is hands down my favorite on you- don’t you dare not keep that! I love #4 also and definitely don’t think it’s too young, and the color and cut of #1 are super cute (I like the semi shorter in front). #3 is very cute too, but probably my least favorite, but I may like it more if the sleeves were rolled slightly? Either way though all super cute. #2, #1, #4 and #3 are my favorite order πŸ™‚

  7. Amanda says:

    Keep 1 and 4 for sure. Those colors look GREAT on you! I’m on the fence about 2, but sadly 3 I’m not digging. The pattern is kind of…grandma/couch-esque. Which can be OK sometimes, but I’m not convinced it’s working here.

  8. Tahleen says:

    Don’t you get a discount for keeping all of them? I think you look great in them all!

  9. #2 & #3 are my favorites! I would have such a hard time deciding though! I say keep it all πŸ™‚

  10. Jordyn Sifferman says:

    I know you think #2 is the most safe/I’m your comfort zone but I still love it, it looks adorable on you! I also love #4 it is so bright and perfect for spring. I agree with Tim though, it’s yor birthday you should keep them all (:

  11. Emily Burgess says:

    Number 2 is really cute on you, and you could dress it up for a night out or wear it with jeans for around town. But I really love number 4–the color is amazing on you!!! πŸ™‚ Perfect for spring or summer!

  12. #2 and #3 are my favorites!!

  13. hooleywithaz says:

    look at you mama! i am loving all of them, but especially #3 for spring/summer. that’s totally my bias since i have been branching out into flowy button-ups more and more since amelia arrived. it’s like an easy but put together look maybe? i never used to wear them before!

  14. Brita Long says:

    My favorites are #1 and #4, but I go for bright colors in the spring/summer. My fall/winter wardrobe is almost all black/white/gray, so I feel ya on that style choice.

  15. My favorite is number 4! And I definitely don’t think it’s too young looking for you. I love the color and it looks fantastic on you. Though all of them look fantastic on you!

  16. ashortblonde says:

    I love #2 but they all look great on you though!

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