The one thing you must do during the final weeks of pregnancy.

I’ll preface this post by saying that as soon as I read a title that says I need to do something, I become immediately turned off to the entire post. Maybe it’s the rebellious lady in me or something, but I don’t like being told what I absolutely must do or need to do or what I can’t live without… you get the idea.

And I’m telling you this because I feel so strongly about the advice I’m about to give that I would say that every pregnant woman must do this one thing during her final weeks of pregnancy:


That’s it. 

For the last few weeks of this beautiful and uncomfortable time in your life, you should focus on relaxing as much as possible. I mean, think about it, you could go into labor any second! My biggest mistake was not resting more before my labor – and I was deliriously exhausted and miserable by the end of it.

And I get it – during the final weeks of pregnancy you can’t sleep comfortably and you’re anxious and there are a lot of things you maybe should do before the baby comes… but you have 9 months of pregnancy and if things are still on your list as you near your due date, maybe you can either forget about them or delegate the tasks to someone else. Trust me, once the baby gets here you will still be able to tackle household things, and you’ll even be able to shop again! There is really no point to stocking up on every item you’ll need for the next few months – after the baby is born you can send a family member or husband or friend out if you need something and can’t leave your house! Babies are portable and people love to help new moms!

The nursery doesn’t need to be done either, the baby will probably be sleeping in your room anyway! Of course, if you love projects and you love spending time in the nursery and decorating is how you relax – go for it! But I would advise not worrying about it more than necessary.

The last few weeks should all be about you. I wish I had stopped working a bit earlier (I worked until after my due date). I wish I had read more (non-baby-relatead) books. I wish I had watched movies. I was too uncomfortable and tired to go out much, but I wish I hadn’t worried about saving money ‘for the baby’ and had gone out on a few more dates with my husband. I wish I had called more of my long-distance girlfriends on the phone.

I think I was afraid if I slowed down I’d get more anxious about what was in front of me. Labor and delivery and then all of a sudden being a mom is stressful and I get it! But seriously, put down your to-do list, put your feet up, grab a fun drink and book or friend or the remote, and relax – your body and mind and baby will thank you.

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